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Accuphase DP-90/DC-91 combo.
i once owned a 90/91 combo. for parts replacement contact axiss (the usa importer) in glendale, ca or, better, the distributor serving denmark (check out the accuphase website). i never even imagined that you could improve the sound of this system... 
Need help in picking a good preamp/processor
imo, the greatest bargain in the upper high end for a pre/dac is the boulder 1012 (plus, you get a very good phono stage). it's what i use for my digital side, which also includes an mbl transport and nagra vpa monoblocks. 
One rack for my amp & cdp
i use high end japanese racks made by toac. very effective. very cool. 
Radios for Commuters: FM? Shortwave? Scanners?
are you planning to have your mobile fax and cell phone plugged in, too? i wouldn't wish your driving anywhere close to the route by which i commute. headphones in any car are a stupid idea. just as they are on bicycles or any other vehicle expect... 
Koetsu Jade Platinum vs. Koetsu Jade Plat. Diamond
yes. i set the tracking force on my rig, by trial & error, @ 1.9 gm. 
Anyone heard the new Halcro Class D?
i've heard 'em and wouldn't recommend buying for your intended purpose, EVER, without a listen. 1000 miles is worth months of pain and regret. 
Koetsu Jade Platinum vs. Koetsu Jade Plat. Diamond
the proper koetsu name for the diamond version of the jade platinum is the "burma jade." i own a burma jade and have compared it in my system and my dealer's to the onyx and jade platinums, which are the same cartridges but for the body material. ... 
Thoughts about these forums
j.d.,as another of the old gang of twelve, it's good to see you're still kickin'. now, my challenge to you and all the other old farts is to start a thought provoking thread that's not about past threads or what threads are supposed to be about. i... 
All Music Guide- Who are
i'll sign my name to any review of a cd you wish. be advised, tho, that you'll be charged my RHR of $295. wanna' send me a list? 
Best amp/preamp combo for Wilson Watt puppy 5.1
nagra vpa's with pl-l or pl-p. the only electronics i've lived with that bring out all the nuances of any watt/puppy combo. 
High End Audio Dealers
drive as many hours as it takes to get to denver. 
Best Value System
so, what's your question? 
Discs you play again and again
the chipmunks. almost everything. 
plauged by off center image, am I insane?
yes. but don't worry about it. 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
i am so sorry and wish pat all the best.-kelly