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Equitech Model Q vs PS Audio P10
Forgot to say, I was using the ET2R at first, then bought the 3RQ. I probably should sell the ET2R since I no longer use it... 
Equitech Model Q vs PS Audio P10
Not much to say really. With P10 sound is just much better, much less wrongness to it. With the 3RQ, it's more of the good stuff, and even less wrongness.With P10 -> Equitech, it's somewhere in the middle of the scale.My power quality here is e... 
Equitech Model Q vs PS Audio P10
I ended up selling the P10.While the P10 made a big improvement to the sound, the equitech unit made an even bigger improvement. Sadly, the P10 before the equitech degraded the sound so I had to sell it. 
Help with System Musicality
In addition to the above, check your power quality, if it's bad it'll kill the music as well. 
Help with Preamp selection
Canare star quad is really all you need for the xlr and speaker cable, they really clean up the sound. 
Daedalus Audio Vs. Kef
You are looking for front-ported speakers, something that KEF does not offer. 
Preamp for Parasound A21?
Marantz AV8801? 
AV Receiver/Separates for under $2K
Get a pre-pro with room correction software, it will make an immense difference. 
Sub-woofer fast enough for Horns?
Rythmik F15 is the fastest sub I've ever encountered. 
Bookshelf speakers-double up,kef ls 50
The fewer the point source, the better the sound, that's the whole point of the LS50...Go for a Rythmik F15HP subwoofer, you will be amazed how deep it goes. 
small room big sound
With small rooms, you want small speakers, otherwise the imaging will be all screwed up. You want fewer point sources. KEF's LS50 is perfect in this regard.The LS50 however, do require lots of empty space around them, otherwise they don't sound go...