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Innuos update 1.4.8
I had my remote session this afternoon with Innuos. It took about twenty minuets to get everything sorted and the new update installed. I'm back in business. But this incident makes me wonder about the big one coming later this month.  
Innuos update 1.4.8
Mine is stuck in the reboot too.  
Cat Scratch Fever?
Ted caught the hoax. It's what he wanted. Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. 
Equipment Maintenance/Cleaning
I agree with millercarbon about cleaning everything that carries a signal. I've been doing this every year forever. If I work straight through with no breaks it takes a couple of hours. Also, check the fasteners that hold the speaker drivers . If ... 
How old are you?
68 , but I'm only an adult when I have to be. 
Solitary listener
I'm like a few other guys here who are alone in this hobby. When I mention my love of listening to music (which is rarely) The first response is " Oh, you must have Bose". When I say politely , no I don't, that's the end of the conversation on tha... 
Walk me thru this please...
I own a Innuos Zen Mini and the first model Oppo put on the market. I've ripped all of my cd's to the Mini, and the sound is very good and really convenient . However, cd's still sound better to me played on the Oppo then ripped music to the strea...