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Amplifier for B&W 705 S2
"Tidal Premium" of course.  My old age is showing.....more every day. 
Wanted: Lightweight Krell KSA-100 Clone????
Thank you all for your input. After doing a lot of online shopping and reading reviews I went back and tried my other amplifiers with the Thiels.  The Parasound A21 sounds very good and so I am going to stick with that.  My wife only listens to CD... 
Wanted: Lightweight Krell KSA-100 Clone????
tweak1, Thank you for the mention of the GaN based amps.  I am really intrigued by Class D amps and will follow the development of amps using this module.  I like the Classe AMP2 but it may be a bit bright.  It appears that Classe did a lot of wor... 
Wanted: Lightweight Krell KSA-100 Clone????
Thank you all for your response..Actually Roxy54, I would prefer to be able to move it. The last couple of years I have started trying some different components and I expect to keep on doing so for a while.  As good as the KSA-100 is, it takes up ... 
Classe Sigma AMP5 or Rotel RMB 1585
I have an AMP2.   It is very detailed and powerful.  I really like it but It does seem to be a bit bright 
Parasound A23+ or used Parasound A21
Thank you Erik.Any idea of the "improvements" in the A23+ ? 
Auralic Vega DAC: How's it compare in 2020?
Thank you for the input.  I found that the PS Audio Stellar Gain Cell DAC is about the same price so I'm checking them out also. 
$3000 stand mounted speakers?
I just went though what you're going through and I ended up with B&W 705 S2. $2995 and I could at least listen to them at Best Buy.  They're very well known and I expect I will be able to sell them easily if I tire of them. I have two sets of ... 
Streaming only for Tidal Premium
Node 2i should arrive today.  Excited to check it out and compare to my wired solution.   
Streaming only for Tidal Premium
I went ahead and ordered a Node 2i.  This will give me a chance to evaluate the technology and decide if I might like something from the higher end.  
Comparison of latest DAC chips
I have a Topping DX3 Pro and a Sabaj D5.  I also have other dacs that I built. The Topping DX3 Pro is OK but the Sabaj D5 blows it away. The D5, seems to demonstrate the typical ESS characteristics of being very exact and clinical.  I'm not sure t... 
Streaming only for Tidal Premium
Note from OP: previous post apparently posted to this thread by accident. 
Streaming only for Tidal Premium
Thank you for your input.  I will take a look at the options.  I was apparently wrong about my Tidal service.   I get MQA so it may be the highest level.  Because I only want to stream I probably don't want to set up a server or even another PC fo... 
Which of these power cords ?
An audiophile for 40+ years I also worked for the power company. The power coming into your equipment has traveled many miles to get to you.  The last 50-100 feet of wiring in your home are probably solid 10, 12, or 14 gauge copper wire of varying...