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Does Harbeth Have Plans Penetrating PC Market?
Dear Alan was so worn out with his last development that he didn't play music for months... (although he can't do squat on his own- its Derrick Hughes that does the work) that I hardly think he'll muster the strength to devise a computer bar...or ... 
Close to wall monitors for Naim UnitiQute
Harbeth 3's, Totem Rainmakers, Rega RS1's..... 
Does Harbeth Have Plans Penetrating PC Market?
Ryder, I know of many pc users already using 3's...Why would dear Alan want to challenge that? 
Changes to Shunyata's power cord line up?
I'll chime in.....the new Cobra I heard is amazing...and probably the best power cord I have heard. It may not go with every brand so I won't make a universal claim here....but I heard it with newer ARC gear and it was great. 
Power cable upgrade for ARC
Do the amp first, go with the new Shunyata Ztron Cobra....excellent combination with ARC, just can't say enough about it....oops, I see you bought something else already...oh faster? should have stayed with the stock if th... 
Which Harbeth?
+1 for Skylan stands....-1 for Sound Anchors...basically your room would work with whatever your budget will allow.Good luck! 
Which Harbeth?
lol nice one 
Which Harbeth?
Funny responses... The op asks which models, and you guys are trying to get him to get other brands.... Hilarious! Perhaps like many he loves Harbeths? And maybe wouldn't like your etched, audiophile, showy type of speakers? If indeed you had thos... 
Tube table top radios
They may not be available due to failure issues. Look at the end of the 6moons review. Sounds like buyer beware.. Too bad, they look great. 
Musical Fidelity V-Link with Rega DAC REVIEW
Hi robbob, nice review.Although you should investigate 2 things..It seems universal that the optical out of the "new" Mac mini is the way to go... If older definitely use the USB.The optical out of the v-link will give you better sound than the co... 
Which Harbeth?
7's and 5's...3's if you listen near field. 
USB to SPDIF Converters
Great price for the close out of the first generation. I like how they, AA, stuck review comments in from the mkll version. Oh well. Has anyone compared the mkll version for $189? 
Vandersteen Supreme Support
Nice thread. Thanks for posting. 
Rega Brio-R Break-in time.
Ok, good, since you answered first....I know nothing of your speakers. What do some/many use to drive them? Perhaps the Brio-r is just not the right amp?And the Tellurium cables, which are designed by a guy who supposedly helped on the Naim cables... 
Rega Brio-R Break-in time.
Ok, you last two posters, please provide two things-- what speakers and what cabling were you using?Thanks..