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Best Speakers for a small Nearfield room, budget at most $10000 (used is also ok)
My room is a touch larger than yours and I replaced Harbeth 30.1’s with Magico S1 and they are better performers but do cost more money.  Other than room size what equipment are you using? 
New TT for ~$1500
It’s your coins to spend but you didn’t get a huge amount of support with your Rega and Project suggestions.  I would listen to our Russian buddy as he is a pretty knowledgeable vinyl source.  The Technics tables that were suggested are wonderful ... 
Who buy PS AUDIO ?
Owned a PS Audio Direct Stream Dac and compared it to a Audio Note Dac and posted the Direct Steam up for sale that day.  Have also had the BHK preamp in house for a audition and passed on it as well....lots of money for a touch over average perfo... 
My list of seller red flags
I disagree with all of it, if you don’t like the price, the description, trade or no trade don’t buy it.  I want the last 5 minutes back for even reading or replying to the original post. 
audiophiles who are just getting the itch to upgrade
What the heck change it all:) 
Herron VTSP-2a vs EAR 324
I know where there is a Herron MM phono preamp for a good price.  Keith’s stuff is fantastic, the EAR stuff is good as well but I am more of a tube guy myself....the Best SS phono preamp for a decent price was the RCM Sensor II.  Good luck1 
Herron VTPH-2A or Manley Chinook mk II phonostage
I have had both...preferred Herron ran wide open.  Both are very good phono’s. But it is all about preferences.  I am currently using a SUT into my Audio Tekne preamp with built in phono.  I would pass on the VPI but I am biased to the Garrard 301... 
Need under $1500 preamp for my system
Find a CJ PV preamp these are a nice sounding tube preamp and some models have a nice MM tube phono built in, these can be bought for less than your budget. 
Phonostage/preamp recommendations. Parasound JC3 Jr.?
No offense to the posters or yourself but your looking at spending a decent amount of cash for used phono preamp when you could secure a nice integrated amp with a built in phono preamp that would be step up in sound quality and also with a built ... 
Turntable Advice Needed
Technics 1200GR....I have owned several tables including your Rega tables and the Technics are wonderful tables to use....easy setup, the detachable headshells are a plus and allow for easy cartridge swaps....my current tables are a Woodsong Audio... 
Will my Krell drive a 2 ohm load?
KSA or one of the Class A Krell Amps are what you are looking for....they will be a higher price point than one of the KAV amps which are part of their HT amps and processors series back in the day. 
Micro Seiki MA-505 variants - any oracles around?
Ok, so have any of you used the X version with a Koetsu Cartridge and if so what were your thoughts?thx 
Micro Seiki MA-505 variants - any oracles around?
How do you like the performance of the arm? What Cartridge are you using? 
Speakers Cables for Sonus Faber Olympica III
I am using Acoustic Zen Satori Cables with Acoustic Zen jumpers....system is Herron Audio Preamp, Herron Phono Pre, PSaudio Directstream Dac and Pass Labs XA Series amp.cables are very balanced in system with comments from listeners  ranging from ... 
Any info on this Lazarus Amp / Preamp Combo?
i have a chance to buy the pre amp, the tubes were unmarked and the owner had no clue to what type of tubes they were, did the tubes in yours have any markings on them?thanks