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CDs And Green Markers. Please Don’t Laugh.
Hi tweak1, nice to meet. I understand. The format stinks. Hard to read everyone's posts.  
CD transports; do they really matter
charles1dad   I would love to try the RS2T but think I will have to settle for the DS2T. Is there much difference? It seems most people say digital is less affected than analog. Especially with low level signals That is why pre-amp is so sens... 
Any tweaks I'm missing?
If you’re more interested in upgrading components I would suggest Michael Percy audio things like FRED’s on page 9 power conditioner Cardas recepticles  
Any tweaks I'm missing?
1) Novus plastic clean and shine applied to CD. Let it dry and polish radially outwards with microfiber cloth. If you see no Novus residue and no fogging up when you breath on it, you got it right. 2) Auric Illiminator CD treatment. 3) AudioPris... 
Any tweaks I'm missing?
You are missing a lot. I do not see any of my tweaks on your list.  
CDs And Green Markers. Please Don’t Laugh.
I use NOVUS. Long ago there was a $495.00 machine ()AudioDesk CD Sound Improver [Lathe] that would cut the edge of a disc concentric with the center so no vibration and at a 45 degree angle. Then you treat the edge with a black pen. Worked great.... 
CD transports; do they really matter
IME, it is important, but less than DAC. if DAC = 100% then transport is 30-40%. Similar to upgrade the digital I/C's from transport to DAC vs analog I/C's from DAC to amp.  
About synergy?
I would suggest synergy is the most important component in an audio system. A cheap, but well tweaked, system can sound better than a mega-bucks system whose components don't "play nice" together. Second, IME, compensating for a problem in one co... 
CD transports
fuzztone 3,685 posts 01-17-2022 10:50pm Love the P-J RS2 T CD. You can still get it for ~$2500 delivered. And where is that? Best I can find is $3,199.00  
CD Player or Transport
Historically, it was said that a separate transport / DAC would generally give better sound than a standalone CDP. Separated components, two power supplies etc. Nowadays, it seems a DAC is used if you want streaming, not for redbook playback only... 
If there’s an audiophile exit ramp, this ain’t it…
femoore12 353 posts 09-27-2021 2:23am I ask my wife to always remind me why I got into this hobby when I start talking about new components. "You told me to remind you that it's music first and gear second."   So true, but It’... 
Nietzsche and Runaway Audio Consumption
When we own things, things own us.  
Need help choosing a new CD Player
Audioguy86.  Let us know about that Cyrus. I hear does nor read discs very well unless they are perfect condition and.other issues like buttons not working, short product life, and crazy high L250 base repair cost.  
Add a titled huperlink
Thanks. Works good but I needed to remove the duplicate https://And kudos to all for not busting me on my stupid typo.Pluto 2.1 
What speaker do you passionately want to demo?
Linkwitz Pluto 2.1 and Orion.The man was an audio giant.