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You own a store, you sell 2 brands, which?
Depends if I want to make money or sell good product. 
American Audio
Shahinian poly-directional dynamic loudspeakers. 
American Audio
I like Parasound amps. Great value for the money. 
Best 2-way room friendly speakers
Seems 2.2 Shelby+Kroll speaker and SP Tech mini are no more 
Are the new Ohm Walsh speakers Audiophile quality?
what material are used on Ohm's main drivers? 
Tinnitus - do you have ringing in the ears?
how about this?  
Do you think audiophiles are the most gullible hobbyists
gullible = strong desire + lack of solid information.Like Schubert implied, music is a drug = strong desire for some people.Not just with audiophiles. Gullible happens with anything from face cream to the pill industry to the concept that money eq... 
Recommend an "adiophile worthy" pen?
Has anyone compared Waterman to Pelikan to MontBlanc ball point pens?Is there a cheap pen that can take these ball point pen refills?Thanks 
What vintage speaker might you use today
[url=]hartley luth[/url]what happened to mark up tags? Wow, this website is super irritating to use!!!!!!!!! 
New Forum Format Sucks
Sure as with most everything else that is new. Devo said right in the 1970's. We are all de-evolving. A messed up mind creates messed up products 
Recent equipment you hated, thought overpriced
At $17,794.50, I did not buy thisM&K Sound MP300 White Monitor Speaker 5.1 X12 Denon AVR-X5200WBut it seems a wee bit overpriced 
What is a high end stereo SUPPOSED to sound like?
How about:- Let's you listen to the music and not think about the stereo.- See the trees in the forest more clearly.- Good spacial qualities.- Largest difference heard between recordings.- Less error. 
GoldenEar Triton One
God made the world.China made everything else. 
Whoa, Johnny Boey is back?
whiners in Australia too. 
Recommend half-width transport
Thanks for the suggestion. I would like to stick with a straight transport like the Delta and Stello.