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Anything SS sounds better than D'Agostino ?
@erik_squires +1 Ayre 
Finally found THE SPEAKER!!!
Just want to say enjoy hearing about your industry experience. And, had not known about wisdom audio before. Always eager to hear about new products & technology. Appreciate grace with which you respond to haters. 
If you stream music from the internet, I can't recommend this more highly
+1 @larry5729 
Late Night Jazz
Charlie Haden- NocturneJohn Daversa- QuarentenaNote both of these albums feature magical Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba.Also want to highlight another Ben Webster album- Coleman Hawkins Encounters Ben Webster. Check out Rosita.Cheers. 
Jazz for aficionados
Rosita pretty pretty tune from Coleman Hawkins meets Ben websterhappy new year! 
Speaker recommendation $10-20K (with some requirements!)
One more vote for Vandersteen Quatros! 
For the Audiophile with a taste for good design(looks)....a question.
Vandersteen Quattro Woods are most elegant looking speaker in my book. 
Are there speakers with cloth/soft enclosures instead of wood?
Vandersteen Model 2 has sold over 100K pairs. One of best selling speakers of all time. 
Name the most recent album that has shaped your musical world
Rokia Traore- Beautiful AfricaIbrahim Ferrer- Buena Vista Social Club Presents Ibrahim Ferror 
Name a few albums which helped determine your musical tastes
Art Blakey & the jazz messengers- UgetsuElla & Louis Again 
Speaker Audition
Curious to hear your impressions of speakers you list. From list sounds like there is a considerable audiophile audience in Thailand. 
Any Bluesound Node2 owners
I am with @amg56. Although my system costs roughly a magnitude less than his main one.   
BlueSound Stinks(!), anyone?
I have a Bluesound Vault 2, which with respect to streaming and DAC is same as Node 2. Very happy with operation of app. And, very happy with sound. @fuzztone and @gdnrbob have informed guidance. 
What speaker – under $10k – has the best timbre and tonal qualities?
+1 @patrickdowns 
Preamp recommendation
OPWell then... trust your ears...(referring to your sound experience when your friend brought over JC2)