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Factory Authorized Service
@flasd:  Sorry to hear of your problem.  I think you are handling it in a reasonable manner.  Hopefully the company will make good on their responsibility to satisfy the customer.  Good luck. 
If you had to choose, which cable would you buy?
Personally, I would not buy #1 or #4.  Number 1 for obvious reasons (no quality) and #4 because that is more than I would spend on any one cable, and if I never heard it in my system, I wouldn’t know what I was missing.Number 3 sounds like a good ... 
Scams in the audio industry?
I think this is a worthwhile topic for examination.  We know that other categories of products are subject to unwarranted hype, so why would we think that audio equipment is not also vulnerable?Confirmation bias is real — we tend to focus on the p... 
The myth of "best" in audio needs to be addressed by all of us
I agree, there likely is no”best”, not only because people’s preferences differ but also the advance of technologies stands to supplant today’s best with a new-and-improved best.i tend to lean toward “best for the money”, which is still subjective... 
Second opinions — how have others (including non-audiophiles) helped you?
No one helps me to listen at my home.  I am single, temporarily with one house guest that is hard of hearing (he has commented that the music sounds nice), and I rarely have other people over.  Most people I know want me to come to their house, I ... 
The two most common mistakes are bass and treble
An important factor in my enjoyment of music is sound pressure level.  I’ve seen that others here tend to listen at higher SPL than I do, and I find it hard to relax at higher than medium-to-low levels.  If I’m up doing things around the house, th... 
Recommendations for a modestly-priced audio system?
I was going to suggest the PS Audio Sprout 100 also.  Those Wharfdale’s look good too.  If she doesn’t want floorstanders or doesn’t want to spend $1500, you could look at the Triangle Borea BR03 bookshelfs for $550 a pair. Sean at Zero Fidelity (... 
Looking for my "last" CD transport
I concur with the recommendations for Audiolab 6000CDT.  I got mine on sale for less than $500; normally costs $550.  I’m satisfied.   
moving from house to an apartment.. goodbye 802D's
@lovepianos, I’ve not heard them, but yours look like really nice speakers.  That would be hard for me to give up if I love them as you obviously do.  I hope you can work it out so you don’t have to make that sacrifice.  Good luck.  
How loud are you typically listening?
I never checked the sound pressure level before — just set volume at comfortable level.  I just downloaded a SPL app to check it.  My ambient room noise level is around 17dB.I am a quieter listener unless I am using headphones.  At night, I listen... 
Stirring Up Trouble
The thing with me is that I don’t trust my ears, or most any other of my faculties.  When someone says, “We hear differently”, I assume that it is that some hear better than others.  I listen to music on a system that the owner raves about, and I ... 
The anachronistic CD Transport? And do I really need one.
Looks like you don’t need more recommendations, but . . as I posted elsewhere, I just bought the Audiolab 6000cdt and am playing it through an inexpensive dac, the Pro-Jett DAC Box S2+.  They replace a 27 year old Pioneer CD changer, which still w... 
New-ish to Audiogon Forums... Is it always like this?
I like to read the questions and responses, though I don’t have the knowledge or experience with various equipment that others do.  I try not to jump in unless I have something useful to add . . but I just jumped in, didn’t I?  Oh well. 
Enjoying New CD Transport Purchase
@jriggy:  Bingo!   Crisp as opposed to muddy bass 
Enjoying New CD Transport Purchase
Yes it is.  Thank you!