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Anyone who owns a Technics SU-R1000, can you answer a quick question
@jsqt:  Thanks for describing your solution, as that might help others having a similar problem.  Your Technics look sweet — enjoy!   
Looking for good recordings of female vocals I have not yet tried...
I have enjoyed Italian singer, Laura Pausini.   
Is blasphemous Music ok?
I leave it to the individual — Do you like such music?  If so, enjoy.  It’s not my preference, so I don’t.  As the saying goes, “Vote with your dollar”.  If enough people buy the music, more will be made; if few buy it, it will be hard to find.   
Where do you want your system to go when you go?
I have the same problem as a lot of you.  I don’t know that anyone will care.  My sons like music but likely think a good Bluetooth speaker connected to Spotify on their phone is as good as it gets.  I know that my sons and a nephew are going to h... 
What I really hate about some music
The Yes, some really good examples of annoying music. One that realky an wl women seem to like, is Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Achy Breaky Heart”. I only heart it sometimes on radio and it irks me every time. Talk about lazy song-writing! Then there is Mic... 
Why Is Hi Fi Gear So Darn Expensive?
My own approach, to anything and not just hifi gear, is to start with a budget and then decide how much of that budgeted amount to spend on components.  I have long heard that speakers are so important that one should spend half of the budget on t... 
Was my friend given misinformation.
@uncledemp +1  
Cd transport
I have an Audiolab 6000cdt and a Parasound P5.  I wanted to try tubes so bought a  Schiit Freya+ preamp and still use the P5 for other things.  Sounds good to me.   
Life of KT 150 Tubes
I am a novice and know nothing about this (hasn’t stopped me before), but I have an idea.  As several members commenting here seem to know a lot about testing electronics, including tubes, perhaps one or more of them could offer to check out OP’s ... 
I am so happy.....
SNS expressed some of what I think about regarding this:  Each of us hears differently and have different preferences.  While I like bass, some of my younger friends go overboard, in my opinion. They think my systems lack Ooomp! that their systems... 
Does Anyone Buy Schiit for the Sake of Schiit?
Everything in my life is a compromise and “good enough”. I don’t have the house with the room to do justice to outrageously good equipment, and I don’t have the income to afford outrageous equipment. It doesn’t make sense to me to pay $10,000 for ... 
American Made Audio Products
@dinov Nice resource to have and I saved the site for future reference. 👍🏻  
Schitt freya preamp hum- how do I get rid of this?
Same here — no problems with my Freya+  
Eric Clapton reveals this week of his declining health
Sorry to hear about Mr. Clapton.  He isn’t one of my favorite artists . . his music is played so much all over and everyone lauds him like a God.  His voice irks me somehow.  I wish him all the best regardless.   
What Is So Special About Harbeth?
Never heard of Quested — I wonder what the chances are that anyone near me carries them? I would especially like to hear the Harbeth 40.2.  But at $20,000 for a pair, there is next to no chance I would ever own them — not unless I win the Lotto!