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Balance control?
https://imgur.com/gallery/SOuJ60E   Not sure how it operates electrically, but the manual says they can be used for channel to channel gain matching when replacing tubes   
Balance control?
It’s pretty slick he has that inside there, the range of adjustment isn’t huge by any means, but it was enough to balance out the very slight imbalance I was getting. Took forever to track down what it was, did all the steps above, cart good, cabl... 
Balance control?
They are different from the loading plugs, which I don’t use with my Aphelion cartridge as per Keith’s suggestion. The pots are inside next to the tubes and are labeled, you just have to remove the top cover. You can turn them with a small screwdr... 
Balance control?
Resurrection of an old thread, but I also run a Herron VTPH-2A phono stage. Keith was kind enough to include gain and trim pots for each channel to help with tube imbalance if this is indeed the case. There can be many causes, as per the posts abo... 
Try This With Your SS Amp
Why not both?  
My Major System Upgrades in 2022 and Impact of Each
The gear upgrades look pretty nice, you seem to be set there. You should put a budget towards room treatments, which IMHO make more of a difference than cables, which would be the last on the list for me.   
Setup Speakers Along Long Wall?
If it were me in that space, I'd still try and utilize a short wall setup. It's a nice looking room with nice gear. I would first try a wall shelf to the side of the window for the TT, as it would be behind the speakers and possibly help with isol... 
You're overbudget on gear, one more thing...
I wasn't saying it was an easy endeavor, just that I believe in the reality of phenomenal presses compared to others of the same runout numbers, lots of people downplay that it isn't real, or it's foolish to spend that kind of money on an album. Y... 
You're overbudget on gear, one more thing...
Though I will probably never purchase a "hot stamper", I do believe in the theory somewhat. We are talking about physical action that manually presses a vinyl puck into a record with a metal plate that is eventually changed out during a pressing r... 
Interesting Video from Upscale Audio
Interesting video for sure.I've picked up a few from Art's collection being sold on the open market from the big auction site, my fave being JD Crowe & TNS ‎"My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame" 
Speaker recommendation $10-20K (with some requirements!)
No room treatment? May as well save your $ and get a set of headphones. 
The cost of LP's and CD's - an observation
Beyonce', really??? Compressed loudness war garbage. And racist too. Screw her.  
Van Alstine Integrated
I've heard his pre with seperate monoblocks and was quite impressed. He knows what he is doing.  
PrimaLuna Preamp Upgrade Question
J-wall, if I measure to the face of the foot like your photo, I’m at 3’-3".From what I see your setup is good.  
PrimaLuna Preamp Upgrade Question
J-Wall. No need to upgrade your integrated. Primaluna gear has treated me well. I run a Dialogue HP integrated (Tung-Sol KT150's) with Focal speakers and get great results. I'll parrot what some others here say, and add my 2 cents. Speaker placeme...