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Interesting Video from Upscale Audio
Interesting video for sure.I've picked up a few from Art's collection being sold on the open market from the big auction site, my fave being JD Crowe & TNS ‎"My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame" 
Speaker recommendation $10-20K (with some requirements!)
No room treatment? May as well save your $ and get a set of headphones. 
The cost of LP's and CD's - an observation
Beyonce', really??? Compressed loudness war garbage. And racist too. Screw her.  
Van Alstine Integrated
I've heard his pre with seperate monoblocks and was quite impressed. He knows what he is doing.  
PrimaLuna Preamp Upgrade Question
J-wall, if I measure to the face of the foot like your photo, I’m at 3’-3".From what I see your setup is good.  
PrimaLuna Preamp Upgrade Question
J-Wall. No need to upgrade your integrated. Primaluna gear has treated me well. I run a Dialogue HP integrated (Tung-Sol KT150's) with Focal speakers and get great results. I'll parrot what some others here say, and add my 2 cents. Speaker placeme... 
Sexy singer(s) and/or song(s)
Eva Cassidy Diana KrallSadePatsy Cline Gillian WelchAretha Franklin Loretta LynnStevie Knicks Nina Simone Annie Lennox Edie BrickellAmy Grant Etta JamesAlison KraussBonnie RaittBetty Davis There’s just so many, in many different genres. 
Streaming from Bluesound Node2i
Contest with reward
Jimmy Buffett - darn near any of themLiving And Dying In 3/4 TimeA White Sport Coat And A Pink CrustaceanHavaña Daydreamin’Riddles In The SandPrize - Margarita mix, limes, and salt of course. 
Considering getting a CD player (again). Used? New? Criteria?
I'm old school and prefer the sound of the ancient TDA1541 chip. Many manufacturers used this chip, I've got several players that utilize it, and would also say to find something with an old school Phillips transport. My stable currently;Rotel RCD... 
Herron VTPH-2A or Manley Chinook mk II phonostage
I won't be much help, as I haven't tried both. I had both on my short list when looking for a tube phono pre to join with my RP10/Aphelion, but after a call to Keith I decided on the VTPH2A. I've never experienced such personal customer service, a... 
confused and don't know what to do
This video requires payment to watch????Lol, big skip there https://www.google.com/search?q=rev%20runs%20rennovation%20secret%20cinema&newwindow=1&clien... 
What Would You Do with a Sealed, 1st Press Miles Davis "Kind of Blue"?
Send it to me, I'll play the hell out of it!!  
Frustrated with Vinly
Vinyl is not for the faint of heart. It takes some serious dedication. The other posters are right about gear quality. To extract the magic you need decent gear, not a 90 dollar AT60.Not being a dick here but that's the truth. The phono pre I run ... 
Does raising speaker cables off the floor really make a big difference?
I use Ace Hardware rebar chairs. $4.99 for 20.You're welcome!https://www.acehardware.com/departments/building-supplies/walls-floors-and-ceiling/joist-hangers/561...