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Upgrading front 3 speakers to GoldenEar Triton Reference or B&W Nautilus 800?
'No Matter how you configure it, the center channel should the the anchor for dialogue, and should run 2 centers for a couple reason #1 directionality and #2 phase cancellations, So I would skip it.. As far as the biamping you should use the same ... 
Best used five-channel amp?
My beast suggestion is the verastarr ssa644 
Best used five-channel amp?
I went citadel 1.5 on my snell xa90ps, and a sigma amp5 for my center and surrounds here the combination is a match, and sound phenemonal with music and movies(and is fast), granted i have active subs, and a smaller room, but it works and works we... 
A Clear Repost from last nite.. schematics
#1 Information should be freeand #2 I support the right to repair. 
A Clear Repost from last nite.. schematics
Again I need to call Paul Sterngold at Harman out for the way this was handled, I just wanted my amp5 fixed. I have someone who will do the work locally and for a never again to be supported / sold product, this should not be an issue. 
modern Classe vs Mcintosh for B&W D3
I am gonna be the one to disagree, big heavy, glass, underengineered, and a ceo willing to support a dealer that rips people off. #likeamcintrash  
Schematics Schematics Get your Schematics here
SERVICE INFO ON 300 SERIES AMPLIFIERS The 300 series has a number of ECO’s that need to be done, especially on older models (331, 332, 333): Replace power supply filter capacitors add insulators: 300 series amp capacitor part numbers (4) 240-200... 
D'Agostino Progression monoblocks replacing my Theta Prometheus monoblocks
isn't that was Spectral is requiring Mit Cabling.. into the mhz range 
Loewe Calida and Roku Streaming
You will have to use HDMI to VGA and an hdcp stripper to bypass the copy protection in the signal path, they do exist.  
Amplification for Wilson Audio Sasha on the cheap
Theta Citadels as well work for wilson. 1.0s or 1.5s 
Classe Sigma SSP and Rel S3 connection issue
Roomeq wizard and an spl meter should put you in the right direction to calibrate the ssp  
Classe Sigma SSP and Rel S3 connection issue
Citadel 1.5s for the front left and right, running balanced, using a proceed amp5 for my center, surround channelsAnd my 2ch config is full range under configuration 2 no other speakers enabledMy multi channel config Mains cross at 40hz -3db at 35... 
Classe Sigma SSP and Rel S3 connection issue
I thought I could pm within the system Naplesisnotmyhome@gmail.com239-353-1060 I will be home now until later, will walk you thru the checks. something is definitely offJoe 
Classe Sigma SSP and Rel S3 connection issue
Just a Thought if you set to full and No Sub the LFE should be routed thru mains Without needing a second .1 connection as well Could be an issue there if you are using both.Waaaait what did you set the delays and distances to for the .1 AND the f... 
Classe Sigma SSP and Rel S3 connection issue
Remember Ebass Routes Lfe to the Mains AND the SUB So it might be a cancellation.No PEQ = check the Checkbox Group enable and the front LR and Sub Groups just to be safeUnder Controls Disable The Tone ControlsJust so we can eliminate a second syst...