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Classe Sigma SSP and Rel S3 connection issue
Were you using ebass or notDid you know there were lfe bugs that the newest software corrects, and it corrected issues, what slope are you using as well as mode and 12 or 24, peq and tone ??, if your ssp was a demo check the peq 
Theta Citedel
You want to be running balanced for the 1.5 if you talk to john from theta he mentioned that the citadels sound their best balanced, so if you can run xlr you should..thats where i am as well and am cable shopping soon 
Best Big Sub? or duals?
Look at the SVS PB13 U before considering anythingthe Epik conquest as well. both have CONSIDERABLE output I own an SVS PB13 and I would personally go with the ED A7-900, The Conquest or the Ultra if anything, Have no personal experience with them... 
Loud Snapping when turning amp ON and OFF
#1Turn your amp before preamp on#2 provided the amp is solid state, I would leave it on