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I have had the 6000 CDT for about 6 months now and I love it. I have not noticed any scratches on the CDs. 
Any good high end shops in Indianapolis?
Audio Solutions in Broad Ripple is awesome. Great people to work with. You can grab a beer at Conner’s across the street when you seal a deal….or go before if you need some lube to extricate the Benjamins from your wallet. 
What is the sound level of Your Listening Room?
Most of the music will be above the noise floor, so yes, in that regard you are right. You will not hear the fridge, air conditioner, etc….BUT, there will be passages that fall below the noise of those item and it will be masked. I want to hear al... 
What is the sound level of Your Listening Room?
Thank you everyone for your replies to this post. I was up at 1:30 this morning and sat down in my living room to see what I would get. The average was 32 dB. I thing all of the air conditioner units running in town are adding to the noise floor. ... 
What is the sound level of Your Listening Room?
@millercarbon That is good to hear. I may be pouring the walls to my addition to save me from buying lumber! 
What is the sound level of Your Listening Room?
@hilde45  Wow, 18! I haven't measured mine when there was snow on the ground or while it was snowing. I'm sure it makes a difference. I hear so much more detail and my sound stage is wider when my room is at 28 at 1:00 a.m.. I am guessing there ar... 
Does Steely Dan sound bright to you?
No, Steely Dan is not bright. I have a Hegel H390 powering Focal Aria 936s that some say are bright and Aja is very easy to listen to on them. 
My Schumann Generator has Arrived
@roxy54  I use a plate of shungite with copper flat tape wrapped around it in four stripes around the plate, and I put one crystal on top. After you make the assembly described above, where do you locate it? How big is the above assembly? 
My Schumann Generator has Arrived
@millercarbon  I will be adding a couple more in my listening room and now my wife wants one in the bedroom. I guess we will be trying out all of the potential benefits. 
Second opinions — how have others (including non-audiophiles) helped you?
My wife has little interest in my audio hobby, so I usually don’t get into the details when I am upgrading or installing a tweak. Last week the Isoacoustics isolation feet I ordered arrived while she was at work. I installed them immediately and g... 
Isoacoustics Gaia III for Focal Aria 936s my next tweak?
Thanks @millercarbon, I think I’m going to pass through the Gaia first. I can always use them on my second system if I upgrade to the Townshends later. 
Isoacoustics Gaia III for Focal Aria 936s my next tweak?
Thank you for that information tump350! I appreciate you sharing your experience. 
What do you have on order RIGHT NOW.
Schumann resonator. I’m going to give it a shot. 
Where does it end?
It ends where you can see the copper. For $4300, maybe gold? 
Tube Amp in Snowpiercer
I always thought that the Martin Logan Aerius speakers were out of place in Chandler and Joey’s apartment. Then I saw the episode where he bought them. He did go broke buying them.