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Which computer for digitizing and streaming?
Ihave been streaming Tidal and classics online over WiFi. With a Lenova PC I had nothing but trouble. With a Mac Pro everything works perfect. If you are going to connect your router to the streaming device with an eithrtnet cable both should work... 
Bang for the buck DAC
Teredac Chamelion16 Chip NOS dac $500Alan 
Is Goertz still the choice for Magnepan?
used Goetz M2 for a few years on my 3.6's but found Auditorium 23 is much better for speaker cableAlan 
Genalex Gold Lion KT-77 Compatibility Question
Is your amp self biasing or do you have to manually set the bias?Alan 
Best computer for usb hi fi source
Auralic EriesAlan 
Tidal Streaming Service
Tidal which has been around as Wimp for 5 years is not new. It has just been sold to Jay-Z. Later this year working with Meridian it will bring out a service that will stream HiRez. I love Tidal and it sounds much better than SpotifyAlan 
Spotify Premium vs Tidal ... opinions?
Spotify will give you more music selections. Tidal will give you better soundAlan 
Auralic Aries - Does it work with any DAC?
I use mine with the Metrum Hex. The Auralic has most drivers built in. I really love this device and I am listening to Tidal most of the time. Sounds greatAlan 
Jacques Brel anyone?
Ever since I saw Jacques Brel is alive and well and living in paris back in the 60's I have been a fan. Amanda McBroom has a wonder album of Brel songs including a breathtaking rendition of CarraselAlan 
What better to power my 82db Magico Q5
Heard the top Magico's at this years CES and they were using the Soulutions. The sound was the best I have ever heard from a stereo system. If you can afford the Solutions go for them.Alan 
User friendly playback software
Actually once you get JRiver set up it is really easy. I am old and stupid yet I find JRiver simple to useAlan 
Tidal & Deezer - Streaming Devices Used...?
Auralic Eries For now both these services only do 16/44Classicsonlinehd does up to 24/192Tidal has hinted at maybe in the future doing HiRezI'm perfectly happy with 16/44Alan 
Woofer placement near floor-benefits?
Just depends on how the speaker is designed and voived. Woofer near the floor will give reinforced low end but it has to be balanced with the rest of the system. To say one design is more appropriate than the other really is not based on anything ... 
Agree or disagree with the following statement.
I have been in this hobby for 60 years now. I was a recording engineer for many years and I have a BSEE degree. Unless there is something dreadfully wrong with a piece of equipment I have never seen any measurement that tells me how a piece of equ... 
Diana Krall, Wallflower
Boring. She sings with a total lack of emotionAlan