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Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, Anne Sophie-Mutter
By the way another great performance of the four seasons is by Il Giardino Armonico. This is still my favoriteGil Shaham is also specialAlan 
Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, Anne Sophie-Mutter
Mceljo,No I played it on Tidal which is 16/44 resolutionAlan 
Vivaldi - The Four Seasons, Anne Sophie-Mutter
Thanks for your recommendation of this brilliant performance. The funny thing is I went to Amazon and read all 64 reviews. Most agreed that it is a really special performance but the negative reviews were so damming I don't know where these people... 
cable advice
Clear Day,Grover HuffmanAlan 
Advantage of Balanced over RCA for phono cables
The signal in the phono cable is very low. Any rfi or hum can easily interfere with the signal. Balanced cables tend to cancel out this type of interference.Alan 
Auralic Aries w NOS DAC
I use a Lenova laptop and stream from Spotify premium and Classicsonlinehd. I tried Tidal but they are missing a lot of classical albums. Classicsonlinehd has only classical albums but streams up to 24/192. I saw the Auralic at CES but the sound q... 
Advice for streaming setup only
I am using classicsonlinehd also and have had some similar problems. There 16/44 streaming works without any problems but higher rez like 24/96 or 24/192 has problems. They are working very hard to fix them and things are getting better. I am usin... 
What is the best type of preamp for a class D amp?
No such thing as a class D preampalan 
Speaker buzz with SS amplifier, input disconnected
Most amps will make some kind of noise when there inputs are disconnected. When you reconnect the inputs is the noise gone? If gone there is nothing to worry about Alan 
How to split a signal to inlcude subwoofer?
Why not use a good y adaptor like from Cardas. I use one in my system to feed a sub and it sounds excellentAlan 
Cary 306 SACD professional - which digital output?
I prefer coaxial. If you play an SACD disc it will output the cd layer only. Alan 
Tidal vs. Spotify
This has come up many times already. I tried Tidal and cancelled. Search engine is terrible. Selection of classical music and film music is way smaller than Spotify. If you have a real good dac with a great usb input then the difference in sound i... 
What's the greatest bargain in DAC's these days?
Teredak Chamelion. This is a non oversampling dac with 16 parallel chips. Sounds like great analog. $500Alan 
some of the best speaker cables under $250
The Grover Huffmnan cables will give you what you are looking forAlan 
Best Preamp for me
Look at the Shindo preampsVery beautiful soundingFast and dynamicThe Auriges line stage would be in your price rangeAlan