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question for Luxman L-590AX owners
I just got my L590AXII. and also I hear the hum. My L509x is dead quiet. Using SR Power cord and SR Powercell.age est 5-6 years old.  I have email Luxman USA. awaiting for answer. 
What kind of listening chair
bucket spacro/recaro racing seat. LOL. :Dso you can sit up straight. 
Recommendations for a modestly priced analog system
Kuzma Stabi S w/ Stogi S 12 VTA or 313 
B&W vs. Sonus Faber
I say.. get yourself a SF Elipsa SE... I personally dont like the way the new SF sound compare to original Franco Serblin designed. 
upgrade Dynaudio Special 40 to Kef Reference 1
A better amp is all you need ( I have the S40 also)..  and the Pass Int60 is very good.   But I end up getting Luxman L590x over it..  BTW I have also tried the Yam AS3000.   It is good,  but not at the same level as Pass or Luxman.   
Subwoofer pairing for Sonus Faber Elipsa SE
Well, after 3-4 months of backorder from JL.   I finally got my CR-1 to work with my pair of JL E112...   just plug an play.   Set x-over at 70hz.    For both E112 and Elipsa.   OMG.   It sound so balance.   The subs blends in so well.  Less stres... 
Looking for a integrated DAC/AMP to power my Elac UF5's < $1500
@asilvr .  If your budget permits around $2k , find a pair of Dynaudio Special 40.   It is that good.  IMO 
Esoteric v DCS
I also had K01 and move to DCS Puccini. 4-5 years ago.. they both have their own house sound. at the beginning. I been kicking my self for selling the K01. and after couple of months I begin to like DCS more. DCS has transparency, detail and dynam... 
anyone here tried Parasound "New" JC-5 amp
Alucard,   that funny you said that..  the JC-5 replaced Anthem STR.And now the Luxman L509x replaced the both of them...  and I think it might be the end gamer.   for now.  LOL 
Looking for a integrated DAC/AMP to power my Elac UF5's < $1500
I have a Peachtree nova300 and nova500 for sale.    You can find my nova500 advertise here.   PM if interest.     I just finish testing nova500 on Elac Carina comparing to revel M6   The Elac  was awesome.    
Subwoofer pairing for Sonus Faber Elipsa SE
I am using dual JLaudio E112 with my Elipsa SE.   though I am still tweaking it and about to order JL CR1 x-over controller.     
Parasound Zamp and Kef?
The zAmp is good sounding.   I had 4 of those bi-amp mono-block to an Paradigm S1 in my office .    I had my paradigm rep visit me and even he said that was crazy.   But sounds damn good.    LOL  
Why did Parasound discontinue the Halo JC-1 monoblock amplifiers?
There is new prototype stuff.   NDA from someone I know.   
Amps that can withstand my inwall speaker system
I am a  Custom installer and do this all day long.   I recommend using anthem MDX amp.   It replaces my parasound 1250.   Or you other option is to use a Sonos amp..  bluesound player    And have each zone separated.    That would solve all your p... 
peachtree amp vs. traditional amp
I also just got the nova500 that replace my Parasound JC pre/amp setup. Boy this is good. Warning need 300 hour break in. Current setup nova500 to SonusFaber elipsa SE and a pair if JL sub. It is not a cold sounding setup. Transparency is so much ...