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WAF --
Sorry! Wrong one. Although I like that. This is the one I tried to paste.  
WAF --
Before I go I'm gonna leave her a note that says don't sell this for what I said I paid. ;) Just kidding She knows exactly and is fine.'cept she doesn't play vinyl so by then there will be two turntables and great records for sale. I have a proxy ... 
Youngsters these days.
Just play what you want. You can'rt take it with you. 
Diminishing Returns
Just buy used. Do your due diligence. Punch way above retail. Regardless of design. Bipolars, open baffle, electrostats, stand mounts, floor standers, full range. Whatever floats your boat.But check them out first! 
How do you share the sweet spot?
The sweet spot has nothing to do with whatever you were talking about. But FWIW you can hear OHMs all over the room to satisfy everyone. 
What Have I Bought?
Never had the Large Advents - a buddy does, sound great- but had the 300 receiver. It had preamp out. Used it to feed a Dynaco ST 70 played thru to Rogers Ls35as, DQ 10s and Klipsch LaScalas. And the FM section was super nice. Amp section put out ... 
Most amusing album or song titles
" I Promise I Won't Come In Your Mouth" - Frank Zappa-- PG rated- It's an instrumental. 
Religious music for less than devout
Cash, especially his last suff w/ Rick RubinGram ParsonsByrdsDonald Byrd- Cristo Redentor -gotta hear this!  
Need help replacing my beloved Magnepan....
Ohm for wall of sound. 
New old or old new?
I like Rogers LS35as, DQ10s, Klipsch La ScallasDynaco ST-35s/70sHad em. Wish I still did. 
Who's Gone Topless?
I thought the OP's post was a joke and laughed my a off. Yep. 
Most recordings you own by a single artist, group, or composer
Sorry; Zappa - best album- Hot Rats. 
It happened again tonight
Like Pink Floyd? Listen to Relics. 
Help: ISO Beginner full setup for excellent sound on $2000 max budget
Steve Guttenberg on Audiophiliac- $2500 or less many choices to play with. Then do your research. I like this guy.  
Great country recording
The Dillards- any and all.