Zu/Omen in LA?

I have been interested in hearing the ZU omen def and Tekton Lore/Enzo for quite a while. I had a generous offer from a member to listen to his Enzo back when I lived in NYC but never got the opportunity to take him up on his offer as we soon after moved to LA. If anyone has these and wouldn't mind me stopping by for a short listen I would be very grateful...

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@jkontuly in addition to asking on A-Gon I recommend emailing/calling Gerrit at Zu. He's a super helpful guy. I was just out there last week and he mentioned folks in Cali that are Zu owners (not sure about Omen specifically.)

Also, they have a very generous trial period if you rather hear them in your system (probably best.)
I emailed Gerrit and he seemed like a super nice guy. I just thought i would post something here first. It's a lot to ask of someone and i didn't want anyone to feel pressured. Looks like they will be at Newport so if they bring the Defs I will be all good...at least for the Zus. Doubt Tekton will be there as they don't seem to appear much at shows.

@jkontuly I believe Gerrit goes to Newport. I can only comment on the Zu Soul MKIIs as they are in my system. On a side note, there's a really nice looking pair of Zu Soul Superflys in the marketplace. They do not have the nano tech upgrade however the asking price reflects this. I have no affiliation to the marketplace speakers whatsoever.
You can hear Druids and Defs on Audion SET amplification in the valley- reach out to 213cobra
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