Loved my Zeta arm, I mean I really loved it. 9" is all you  need, at least where I come from. 

What's a couple of degrees of alignment error among friends?  Can you hear alignment error?

That's a definite maybe.

Bold looking shiny Black  MC magic. Had one on my Goldmund, a marriage made in heaven, silky top with bold

bottom.  Slightly romantic and just the ticket for a friendly evening.

Don't forget to catch the end of the lead out groove or you'll wear out your stylus.


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Give out?  It's built like a med mass tank.  The early models had 4 bearings, but all the rest were 5.  Tell you the truth I couldn't hear any difference. I think it might have been for longevity. 

Had it on a Studietto, but gave it up in a move.