Some help with my new-used Michell Gyrodec w/ Zeta tonearm...

Hello all,

I just bought a new-used Gyrodec. This is the original format, not the SE. I got a decent price but it comes with some fixes(in process). I have several questions I am hoping for some direction on. 

1. Due to the reality of my system and rack, I need to place the turntable a good distance from my system's preamp. The distance is about  15 feet. I know running long tonearm cable is not advisable so any direction on a decent phono preamp to place next to my TT would be greatly appreciated. My budget would be less than $400 and I am ok with going used. I guess i am assuming that once the signal is boosted by the phono preamp, the signal can carry without much degradation over a long interconnect run to my main preamp. Is that correct or advisable?

2. Recommendations on a decent tonearm cable . This table has an older model Zeta tonearm.It appears to be a 5 pin DIN connector. Again, I don't want to drop thousands on this but could probably go to $150 tops.

3. This is maybe a Mark I Gyrodec and it does not appear to have the newer inverted bearing. The platter has a long spindle extending from the bottom which is then placed into a female receptacle on the sub chassis. What needs to be done to maintain this? The action appears smooth and friction free at this point but I want to make sure I keep it that way.

4. I have never seen this cartridge before and am hoping someone can tell me what it is/might be. It is a black cartridge with a white "V" on the front.  Anyone know what brand this is? MC or MM? 

In case you need to know here the rest of my system:

Speakers: Green Mountain Audio Continuum I, Spatial Hologram M3 turbos, Gallo Reference 3.1's, Maggie MMG, Green mountain Audio Continuum .5's, Nola Brio Trio clones(DIY), REL T7(stereo pair), Paradigm Monitor Sub 12(stereo pair).  Yes I like variety and switch these out often

Amplification/ Preamp: NAD entry level preamp (don't member the model number), Red Dragon mono blocks(1000 watts per channel), Anthem MCA 20.

Sources: Bluesound Node 2, TV, Turntable(s)- Thorens TD 166, Project Debut Carbon, JA Michell Gyrodec

I listen to a lot of jazz and funk on my TT, but appreciate all music and spend a fair bit of time with classical recently. 

Thanks in Advance!!!

Classic table/arm combo! Rather than buying a new tone arm cable, send the Zeta to Johnnie at Audio Origami in England for a complete rewire. Johnnie has a lot of experience with that excellent British arm (I have one myself), and offers different levels of service and rewiring, with your choice of copper or silver. He will also clean and adjust the arm’s superb bearings.

If you don’t want to do what bdp24 suggested, I just got in a Duelund tonearm cable w/ a 5pin DIN from Chris at www.partsconnexion it IS a giant killer. If you build it yourself you can come in at your budget. No matter, it is a LONG term tonearm cable. It smoked my Discovery Plus 4 on my Townshend Rock 7.
 I recommend buying a Robert Grodinski Research RGR 4 preamp. Used price is $200 - $300 (I own one!). They were made from 1980 - '84. Mr. Grodinski was the owner/designer of pro sound company RG Dynamics. A superb sounding preamp with particular attention paid to its phono stage! Look up its review in The Audio Critic!