Your Wish List for Reissue on Vinyl

With many great recordings again seeing the light of day through the fine efforts of Classic Records, Sundazed, Analogue Productions, MFSL and more, what are some of the titles on your wish list where a quality original master tape is used to lathe, process and press heavy weight discs?

Mine include:
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (Classic QX 200 gram please???)
Meddle - Pink Floyd
Trilogy - Emerson Lake and Palmer
Tarkus - Emerson Lake and Palmer
Brain Salad Surgery - Emerson Lake and Palmer
A Question of Balance - Moody Blues
Close to the Edge - Yes
Relayer - Yes

What are yours? Perhaps some of those companies are peeking?
Hard to come by 90's rock:
Pearl Jam (what hasnt been released yet)
Alice In Chains
Stone Temple Pilots
Blind Mellon
Counting Crows
Black Crows

I would rather have original pressings than any re issues. Most re issues I have heard sound like CD's pressed onto vinyl. The studios are remastering things on a computer and pressing to vinyl and it sounds like garbage. I may not have the best analog system on the planet, but it is plenty good enough to hear these digitized renderings passed off as a vinyl release.

The vinyl itself is not going to make things sound better.

I like the idea of listening to an album's mix when all the band members were in the control room with their producer and engineer making the final decisions, much more than some young mastering kid out of BSOM that has been hired by the label to remix or remaster a classic recording to suit his ears.

Original pressings sound best. And it's fun to try to track them down in good condition.
I agree that its nice to have the original pressing, however, depending on the title it can be expensive and hard to find. But some reissues sound better than the original pressing: Aja, Siamese Dream, Who's Next and others.