Your Wish List for Reissue on Vinyl

With many great recordings again seeing the light of day through the fine efforts of Classic Records, Sundazed, Analogue Productions, MFSL and more, what are some of the titles on your wish list where a quality original master tape is used to lathe, process and press heavy weight discs?

Mine include:
Wish You Were Here - Pink Floyd (Classic QX 200 gram please???)
Meddle - Pink Floyd
Trilogy - Emerson Lake and Palmer
Tarkus - Emerson Lake and Palmer
Brain Salad Surgery - Emerson Lake and Palmer
A Question of Balance - Moody Blues
Close to the Edge - Yes
Relayer - Yes

What are yours? Perhaps some of those companies are peeking?
The complete catalog for the following bands:

1. Blondie
2. The Police
3. Yes
4. Pink Floyd
5. Enya
How about some reissues of John Coltrane's later work, Selflessness, Kulu Se Mama, Ascension! Like that's going to happen!
Mine include (besides all the ones on Stevecham's list!):

Wilco - Summerteeth
Foo Fighters - Colour and the Shape
Smashing Pumpkins - Melancholy and the Infinite Sadness
Jethro Tull's entire catalog (Steve, you forgot those!)
The Beatles albums, but this time the mono versions!

However, what I would like to see even more, would be some first issues on vinyl, (I.e. recordings only available on CD), such as:

Fiona Apple
Dave Matthew's Band

These two artist's music is just begging to be put on vinyl. (I do have the one DMB on vinyl, and it's awesome!)
Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road - don't think has ever been available on vinyl
Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road is available on an import (UK) LP...I have it.

My list would include:

Stevie Nicks
Steely Dan
Linda Ronstadt
Thanks for the heads up Mofi. Where did you get it?
Roger Waters "Amused to Death."

Impossible to find new and very expensive used.
What abuot Rennaisance Live at Carnigie Hall, Roger Waters Radio KOAS, Dire Straits full catalog, Second the Pink Floyd vote, Bruce Cockburns catalog, More Moody Blues, Second the Yes vote, Cranberries, Neil Young Harvest Gold and Freedom, Paul Simon, Graceland and Paul Simon, Rikki Lee Jones first LP, Asia's 1st LP, .....are you taking orders?
The complete Tom Waits catalog - I have most of them on Vinyl and they are soo much better than the CD versions. Only problem is I play them to often and I need backup for the next 40 years...
The very first Ambrosia album: "Ambrosia" .
It was engineered by Alan Parsons. It has some very cool Leonard Bernstien orchestrations on it and fantastic sonics. I have the original vinyl and still sounds awesome.
I tried to put a bug in Steve Hoffman's ear each year at the CES (when he was still with Mo-Fi) to do this up on a Mo-Fi re-issue, but obviously to no evail.
Richard Thompson's first masterpiece "I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight" which appears to be unavailable in this country in any format. Here's also hoping that "Front Parlour Ballads" will be released on a LP that sounds as good as "The Old Kit Bag". The company is called "Cooking Vinyl" for crissakes!
Johnny winters would be nice.
Quicksilver messinger service..Who do you love.
Captain Beyond..3d issue.
Blue oyster cult..First album.
My old copy's are getting long in the tooth.
The early Richard Thompson back catalogue including IWTSTBLT was re-released on remastered CD here in the UK last year with bonus live tracks
Happy the Man - Crafty Hands
Return to Forever - Romantic Warrior, Soft as a Feather
Stanley Clarke - School Days
Jean Luc Ponty - Imaginery Voyage
John Mclaughlin's Shakti - Natural Elements
John Mclaughlin - Belo Horizonte
Pat Metheny - Offramp
Oregon - Roots in the Sky
Michael Franks - Art of Tea

Miles Davis - In a Silent Way, or how about a box set of the whole catalog of mid-60's quintet?

Box set of the Bob Marley Island record series from '73 to '80

Ditto on Ambrosia 1st, Brain Salad, Bruce Cockburn box set
BTW, MFSL already released Tarkus, Trilogy, Meddle, Close to the Edge... you just have to be patient to acquire them.
Pat Boone "In A Metal Mood". Hearing him do Metallica's "Enter Sandman" on my vinyl rig would make me get off the merry-go-round forever.
I am not sure Relayer by Yes would benefit that much, as it seems that the original mix and masters are just so badly mixed..Eddie had too much reefer. Shame really, as that is my fav piece of music in the world.

I would love to see some of Richard Thompson's live CD's in vinyl...
Ditto on the Tull and Ambrosia (Somewhere I've Never Traveled) catalogs.

I agree Jsujo, Relayer was always a bit dry but I hoped that maybe a little tweaking might warm it up a bit.
John Lee Hooker- The Healer, Van Morrison, Steely Dan, Stones- Exile on Main Street, Roxy Music- Avalon, New Order, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, Chris Isak.
I would like to see the entire Emerson, Lake & Palmer catalog remastered.
Also: "Blues For Allah" & "Terrapin Station" HQ remasters on 200g vinyl (Grateful Dead), Dire Straits' "Love Over Gold".
One that loosely fits the theme and was never pressed on vinyl is Van Morrison -The Philosopher's Stone. It's a compilation from 1998 of unreleased work spanning nearly thirty years. With 26 of 30 tracks never previously seeing the light of day. It needs to be on vinyl, bad. The CD's sound OK.
Off the top of my head...
MONO Pink Floyd
-Piper at the gates of Dawn!
MONO Buffalo Springfield
MONO Small Faces
-Ogden's Nut Gone Flake
-There Are but Four Small Faces
The Velvet Underground
-Loaded (many reissues, but zero Hifi?)
Bruce Cockburn
-Nothing But a Burning Light
Tom Waits
Rickie Lee Jones
-Girl at Her Volcano
-The Magazine
-Flying Cowboys
-Pop Pop
-Traffic from Paradise
-Sweet Child
-The Pentangle
-Basket of Light
-Cruel Sister
-Solomon's Seal
Fairport Convention
-Fairport Convention
-What We Did on Our Holidays
-Liege & Lief
-Full House
have I missed anything?!
More Neil Young stuff. Neil was VERY concerned about sound quality on his lp's and it shows. Greendale is avilable on 180g and 200g but I would ike to see some of the older Lp's half mastered such as Hawkes and Doves, Comes a Time, etc..

Also, some of Jorma Kaukonen / Hot Tuna would be good for the same reasons.
I second Odavid9 "Here's also hoping that "Front Parlour Ballads" will be released on a LP that sounds as good as "The Old Kit Bag". The company is called "Cooking Vinyl" for christsakes!!!
Much of the Motown/Gordy/Tamla/Soul Collection.
A festival of light Classical Music Readers Digest
Beethoven Cycle - Readers Digest
Handels Messiah = Readers Digest

These are some of the best classical recordings ever
Boyd Lee Dunlop -Boyd's Blues

This is his first album and the CD release party is in Buffalo N.Y. tonight!
...He is eighty-five years old.
God bless you Boyd and your music.

Happy Listening!
How about a box set of the Johnny Cash "American Recordings" series?
Dire Straits On Every street
All of the ELO albums, but especially 'Out of the Blue'
The entire catalogs from the following....

2.Slim Whitman
3.Boxcar Willie
4.Tiny Tim
Bronski Beat, The Age of Consent
Hard to come by 90's rock:
Pearl Jam (what hasnt been released yet)
Alice In Chains
Stone Temple Pilots
Blind Mellon
Counting Crows
Black Crows
Depeche Mode Unplugged and Soft Cell's Tainted Love (long-version)

I would rather have original pressings than any re issues. Most re issues I have heard sound like CD's pressed onto vinyl. The studios are remastering things on a computer and pressing to vinyl and it sounds like garbage. I may not have the best analog system on the planet, but it is plenty good enough to hear these digitized renderings passed off as a vinyl release.

The vinyl itself is not going to make things sound better.

I like the idea of listening to an album's mix when all the band members were in the control room with their producer and engineer making the final decisions, much more than some young mastering kid out of BSOM that has been hired by the label to remix or remaster a classic recording to suit his ears.

Original pressings sound best. And it's fun to try to track them down in good condition.
I agree that its nice to have the original pressing, however, depending on the title it can be expensive and hard to find. But some reissues sound better than the original pressing: Aja, Siamese Dream, Who's Next and others.
Pat Boone, Blondie, ELP. MAKE ME PUKE. Hay dudes you forgot what this is all about, no I don't think I you ever knew. It's not coming out of the closet

01-14-12: Coffee1
Pat Boone, Blondie, ELP. MAKE ME PUKE. Hay dudes you forgot what this is all about, no I don't think I you ever knew. It's not coming out of the closet
One word: decaf
Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue
Hell Freezes Over
Rickie Lee - Girl at her Volcano @ 45rpm
Frank Zappa- Yellow Shark
Moe. - Wormwood 
The Whitefronts - Roast Belief
Gringo - Gringo
Alex Chilton - High Priest
Salvator Martirano-LsGA (wonder if anyone has heard this on vinyl or CD)