Your thoughts on the Esoteric P05/D05 Combo

Seriously considering this transport and DAC to replace an existing Krell Reference 64 and DT-10. Looking to hear from those familiar with these pieces used strictly with the dual balanced output and BNC cable for connecting word sync. Your comments are appreciated.
I don't own the P05 and D05 but do own the P03U and D03. Check with Tboooe and others;
he owns/owned the P03+D05 and used to rave about the D05 all the time.

From my experience with P03U and D03, I can tell you that for Esoteric separates,
I believe balanced digital output is the way to go (dual AES gives you ES-Link
conduit and dual-mono operation between transport and DAC). I also utilize BNC
between my G-0s clock and P-03 and D03.

If you have any clocking (or upsampling) specific questions with Esoteric gear,
please let me know via email and I'll be glad to help you out.

Esoteric separates' digital playback is something that needs to be heard to be believed. My 2 cents...
I have this setup with the 4k Esoteric clock and I wonder how much better it can get. Very refined and transparent with the lowest digital artifacts that I've experienced. Very impressive gear with no bugs at all.