Your thoughts on Tekton M-lore speakers

I am planning to use M-Lore speakers in my new Home Theater as left right channels. They also have similar center channel that I plan to buy as well. I know these speakers are great for musical stuff but curious if anyone has used them in home theater set-up. If so how would you compare them to some of the B&W or Martin Logan speakers?

Your feedback is much appreciated.
IT Merlin,

If you like the speakers and the sound you'll love them in a home theater setup. Don't get caught up in brand name comparisons. Speakers are arguably the most subjective of audio components.

So, based on what I saw about the specs etc of the speakers, they would work great in a Home Theater setup. Pair them with a good sub and have fun shaking the neighborhood.
For what it's worth, I spoke to Eric not too long ago. His preference? The M-Lore over the Lore in an HT-set-up. He believes one gets the most bang-for-the-buck with the M-Lore.

Your room, equipment, whether you will run a sub, and personal preferences may dictate otherwise, but it is worth noting Eric is very fond of the M-Lore.
Did you go with the m-lores for your ht? I am expecting a delivery anyday on 5 mlores for an almost finished ht. Really looking forward to it.