your Thoughts on AV8801?

Hi all,

I am very excited as my wife said i could finally update my old Pre/Pro my Yamaha Rx-z7 Receiver i was using as a pre/pro with my parasound A52 and 2125 amps along with my Def Tech 7002, CLR 2500 and Infinity rears and rear center along with Def TEch Trinity Sub..Sounded great..and i liked some of the DSP modes but not all of them.. But i always felt i could increase the sound quality with a true peamp processor and get better sound on music especially while still getting the same or better sound with movies.. i have read alot of reviews on both the marantz av8801 and the new Yamha CX-a5000 pre/pro.. and i had always owned Yamaha in the past including some of their older flagship receievrs..(the Marantz is actually made in Japan, impressive for newer stuff nowadays! its a rarity) I strongly considered the cx-a5000 against the 8801.. i decided to buy the 8801 and i got a smokin deal on it brand new from auth dealer with full warranty for 2399.00... it will be here by UPS on i figured i would try something different.... i have no need for atmos at this time so those were the only two i was considering.. The marantz actually reminded me more of the old Yamaha flagship recivers i have bought in the past in regards to its build qulaity etc HDAM's.. it looks like the newer Yammie's are stripped down.. even the new pre-amp looks like it is somewhat stripped down inside the chassis... anyway.. looking forward to other Marantz 8801 owners on how much they like their Marantz 8801... I am sure the new Yammie cx-a5000 is great as well...hopefully i won't miss the DSP's very much as i feel the Marantz's more musical sound will obviate the need for it ... what a fun hobby we have comparing all of this stuff....
I have a 8801. Have had it since it first came out, approx 4 years. First the dc trigger went out. Now I get no picture and it keeps switching inputs when playing music! I have babied this avr since I bought it! Tried resetting the micro processor a few times, but didn't fix it! Now I think a decent preamp, 2 channel, is going to be my next purchase, probably from Audiogon. I do have my eye on the new Emotiva preamp and the spec's are very impressive. Price is $1199 I think. Anyway, good luck with your Marantz AVR'S!!!!
I feel that unless you have a dedicated and expensive TV room, you just don't need 5-7 channels! I definitely like having a center speaker, so I bought a small, inexpensive Yamaha 5 channel receiver with hdmi inputs and outputs. For my setup, that's all I need!!!! For my music, I'll go with a 2.1 or 2.2 preamp!!
My solution for mixing HT and music is a Bryston SP3 processor that passes front LR to a Parasound JC 2 BP preamp.  JC 1 monoblocks are the LCR amps, driving a pair of KEF Reference 107/2s and 204/2C.  Sound is superb for music and HT.  Not $1199, though.