AV8801 vs. AV7701

I have a Balanced Audio Technology VK-500 amp for the mains, Marantz MM8077 amp for surround sound and for two other rooms, and Dynaudio Contour S3.4 speakers for the mains. Nordost Frey XLR Interconnects, along with Nordost Frey Speaker Cable, connect the main 2 channels. The other two rooms are inconsequential for me, and will play the same music as the main room.

I have not yet been able to compare the sound between the AV8801 vs. AV7701, and am further interested in your observations and recommendations regarding their In/Out connections, as well as other subjects which are of significance. The AV7701 does not list XLR In/Out though the picture appears to show them.

Thanks much in advance.
Only the 8801 has balanced inputs as far as comparisons check out the forums over on AVS!
The 8801 has more advanced roomEQ.
Use Audessey pro witht the AV8801. You will get a level in surround what will be stunning. It is by far the most convincing roomcorrection I have heard so far. Lyngdorf makes the sound like dead. There is no emotion anymore. But this does all you ever could dream of. I have done a lot of tests with Audessey. It is not an easy system to use. But after many tests we have stunning results. Before this I was not interested in surround. I was always listening to flaws. Mostely roomacoustic problems. Surround including subwoofer never have been this good. Life in surround is better than ever these days!
Did a lot of reading. Thanks for the advise.
There is one advice I want to give to you. I sold a lot of Nordost, Valhalla in particular. Wenn you use Nordost loudspeakercabel with interconnects you will always loose individual focus. Instruments and voices are in real very small in dimension and sharp focused. Combination of Nordost loudspeakercable and interconnect togheter you will always get a less sharp focus. I have done these tests many times. Wenn you use a brand which can give a sharp individual focus, a fewlso important parts will add to your system. Brands like Kimber and the latest Audioquest will improve this. Also depth will increase. At all the tests I did with Nordost I had the same results. You also will loose depth. Wenn you focus on the overwhole sound, you will loose involvement in the mid freq. by using just Nordost.