your Thoughts on AV8801?

Hi all,

I am very excited as my wife said i could finally update my old Pre/Pro my Yamaha Rx-z7 Receiver i was using as a pre/pro with my parasound A52 and 2125 amps along with my Def Tech 7002, CLR 2500 and Infinity rears and rear center along with Def TEch Trinity Sub..Sounded great..and i liked some of the DSP modes but not all of them.. But i always felt i could increase the sound quality with a true peamp processor and get better sound on music especially while still getting the same or better sound with movies.. i have read alot of reviews on both the marantz av8801 and the new Yamha CX-a5000 pre/pro.. and i had always owned Yamaha in the past including some of their older flagship receievrs..(the Marantz is actually made in Japan, impressive for newer stuff nowadays! its a rarity) I strongly considered the cx-a5000 against the 8801.. i decided to buy the 8801 and i got a smokin deal on it brand new from auth dealer with full warranty for 2399.00... it will be here by UPS on i figured i would try something different.... i have no need for atmos at this time so those were the only two i was considering.. The marantz actually reminded me more of the old Yamaha flagship recivers i have bought in the past in regards to its build qulaity etc HDAM's.. it looks like the newer Yammie's are stripped down.. even the new pre-amp looks like it is somewhat stripped down inside the chassis... anyway.. looking forward to other Marantz 8801 owners on how much they like their Marantz 8801... I am sure the new Yammie cx-a5000 is great as well...hopefully i won't miss the DSP's very much as i feel the Marantz's more musical sound will obviate the need for it ... what a fun hobby we have comparing all of this stuff....
Ok ok..that's probably a bit cynical on my part. I condeed.
However, apparently, in a pinch, I can substitute the Marantz for my Pass Labs pre, no problem. Who knew!?!!
So, thanks for that...

Yes he shows you spent too much money on your Pass labs. Guess what I can drive to work in a Kia at get there as fast as a Porsche in morning traffic...

That is not the issue. The OP saw a big improvement from the Yammy to the Marantz and that is good or him. It is clearly not a world class 2 channel system, and I believe he will agree to that.
I wonder how many people on here jumped at spending $$$ on a Mcintosh that uses the same technology as the marantz because it is "high-end" and the Marantz isn't. I would suggest trialing more products and less time being so sure you are right about everything.
I have a 8801. Have had it since it first came out, approx 4 years. First the dc trigger went out. Now I get no picture and it keeps switching inputs when playing music! I have babied this avr since I bought it! Tried resetting the micro processor a few times, but didn't fix it! Now I think a decent preamp, 2 channel, is going to be my next purchase, probably from Audiogon. I do have my eye on the new Emotiva preamp and the spec's are very impressive. Price is $1199 I think. Anyway, good luck with your Marantz AVR'S!!!!
I feel that unless you have a dedicated and expensive TV room, you just don't need 5-7 channels! I definitely like having a center speaker, so I bought a small, inexpensive Yamaha 5 channel receiver with hdmi inputs and outputs. For my setup, that's all I need!!!! For my music, I'll go with a 2.1 or 2.2 preamp!!
My solution for mixing HT and music is a Bryston SP3 processor that passes front LR to a Parasound JC 2 BP preamp.  JC 1 monoblocks are the LCR amps, driving a pair of KEF Reference 107/2s and 204/2C.  Sound is superb for music and HT.  Not $1199, though.