Your Opinions on HK Citation II, AR tube amp, more

Hi all-
Just acquired the following equipment from an estate: an HK Citation II, an Acoustic Research AU integrated pre/amp, an H.H. Scott 350B tube stereo tuner and an H.H. Scott 130 tube pre. All items are in very good to excellent condition having been stored covered or boxed, for many (20+) years. One of these amps, along with the tuner and pre will form the basis of a second system for me (well, maybe...). Your opinions, recollections, criticisms and stories, please?
Items of that age generally require some replacement/upgrading of small parts, especially capacitors, if you want to get the sound it was intended to produce. Capacitors are known to degrade over time. Likely to need a good cleaning of all connections, inside ond out. They may need new tubes. They were all highly regarded pieces in their day, and are worth the effort to make them "just right". It can be fun to run a vintage system for enjoyment and as a conversation piece.
Citation II great piece, has something of a cult following and is a very good amp. 350b, I own one, it is the greatest bargain in tuners today, my opinion. If I am listening to FM to really listen, it is the tuner I turn on, it takes a 10b or MR71 to sound better, it sounds better than my Dynalab 101, wish it had the features and the sensitivity. Acoustic Reasearch not really desired by anyone unless it is really clean, has some harshness. I am not familiar enough with the 130 to pass judgement, but I would bet it ain't bad. Of coures the tube gear needs alignment etc., but I am sure you know that