Your help is truly appreciated Configuration


Helpful customers these is what i have a Yamaha sound processor made in 1989 model DSP-100, Pioneer Elite equalizer made in 1989 model GR-777, Pionner Reverberation amplifier made in 1984-1985 model SR-60.

I like to know what connections should be be connected first and so forth from one component to the other in order to get the best sound possible from these vintage components to the two existing or current models which are the Marantz CD6004 and SiriusXM radio tuner model XRT12 along with my Bose V35. I assume Bose V35 can be considered a power amplifier since its sends the sound to the jewel cube speakers and amplifies the the sound to them and are attached the A/V console.

1.) Polk Audio XRT12-------Has Red/White outputs

2.) Marantz CD6004---------Has red/White outputs

Before i forget and not to confuse you. The two above Polk Audio and Marantz cd player is not to be hooked all at once with the vintage rather one connection with equalizer and sound processor and then to Bose V35. For example: If we like to listen to only the SiriusXM radio tuner instead i like to hook up the vintage along with it so i can equalize and or reverb in addition with sound processor finally into the A/V power amplifier Bose V35. I hope this was helpful.

The others are:

3.) Pioneer GR-777 <--Input and Output + Tape In/Tape Out

4.) Pionner SR-60 <-- Reverberation on audio in audio out + tape in and tape out

5.) Yamaha DSP-100 <--- attach file for this!

Yamaha DSP 100 <-- Has Main OUT and Main IN + Tape In and Tape Out


6.) Bose V35 <-- i provided this as well

Thank you in advance i can't wait for your advice and suggestions.