Who makes a truly universal DVD/CD player?

I'm talking about players that handle ALL the formats: Redbook, HDCD, DVD-Audio, DVD-Video, SACD, MP3, Kodak Video CD, JPGs, and DAD using CDRs, DVDs, and CD-RWs.

Every one I see so far is missing one or more of the formats listed, usually HDCD to my complete dismay. Having multi-disk capability would be a bonus, too. If anyone can steer me to a player(s) that can support these foramts, I'd appreciate it...

Yamaha s2300, Pioneer, Lexicon, Linn, Marantz,
Denon 2900....

All of these brands have universal players out at different
price points.
Check again, I don't believe any of these support all the formats listed - the Denon does not have an HDCD decoder...