Your experience with Cardas SE9 as speaker cable?

What is your experience with using Cardas SE9 wire for speaker cabling? Compared to, say, Cardas Golden Presence or other cables? Bare or terminated ends? With Merlin speakers?
Anybody? Anybody? Nobody out there using Cardas SE9 wire as speaker cable? Amazing!
Just got a pair last week per Bobby's recommendation. I also have Merlins- TSMmmis with regular RCs. I was using Greg Straley's Reality cables before, which were pretty good. First impression is that the Cardas SE 9s are better, but they've only got a few hours of burn-in time on them so far, so too early to give you a true impression. My amp is a vintage Fisher 500c, a 35 watt tube receiver.

I also have not heard much feedback from other a'goners or others on this cable. Would love to hear other's impressions as well. And I'll be glad to share my own thoughts too, after more burn in.
Hi Linc. Thanks for the heads-up. Anxious to hear your impressions of the SE9! Did you get the cold forged terminations? Besides the reality cables, what other cables have you used?
Linc, What interconnects are you using?
I didn't get cold forged. Thought it too pricey since I might change amps at some point down the line, and Fisher requires special spades (which Cardas did have). Maybe I will reterminate later??
Besides reality cable, I've tried anticable sc's (though not with the merlins) and didn't care for them too much (with vandersteens). Also had DIY sc's. So haven't tried a lot. And my ic's are some old school patch cords. Tried morrow ma2's which do some things well, ixos, and some silver cables, but my no name ic's that a friend gave me are my favorite. I just decided to trust my ears. : )
Will give more impressions on the se9's later.
Lincnabby, Preliminary impressions?
I'd be interested in hearing about Cardas SE9 with other speakers besides Merlins as well!
I'm about to try some Supra Classic 6 wire (9 AWG) with my Merlin MMIs and I'll report back shortly. Currently using Acoustic Zen Hologram II.
When I got my current audio system I was strongly advised toward Cardas which I got. I discovered however, that Cardas - and I tried most of their permutations though not the SE9 was absolutely awful in MY system. You must listen for yourself for your own pleasure. All cables react differently in different systems.
Stringreen, I wouldn't be asking if I didn't already know that the Cardas line is well mated to my gear.
Latest impressions on the se-9 and/or supra classic 6?
I have Merlin TSM-MMs and initially tried audience au24 cables - they were just OK in my system. Their interconnects, power conditioners, and power cables are awesome in my system, but the au24's didn't make my speakers sing.

After talking to Merlin's Bobby P, I took his advice and bought a pair of SE9's. Now this was nice - much better match than the au24's in my system! Highly recommended with TSMs. FYI, there is a nice pair for sale on Agon - probably the second pair I have seen in the past 12 to 15 months).

Good luck,
Thanks for the come back, Hifigi. I`ve decided to go with the golden presence.
How are you liking your Golden Ref cables?
Hifigi, Cables are due tomorrow or Sat. Opted for the cold forged spade ends. Supposed to be the closest sound to cardas clear without spending a small fortune. I`ll post my initial impression and also after break in.
I ordered the golden presence, not the ref.
Hi, this is a bit late answer, but,
I have been using Cardas SE9 for some 2 years, since my previous speakers have been internally wired with SE9. Compared to Kimber 4 & 8 VS in my setup much better. Now i use it with John Blue JB3 small 86 dB widebanders, and it works there really good too.
I dont quite understand why Cardas recommends it for ~90dB speakers, since it works with my, admittedly small and easy to drive 86 dB widebanders too. Maybe i will switch once to Neutral Ref. speaker cable but 2x4m Neutral Ref. vs same length SE9 is a bit difference in price.