YAQIN experience, anyone?

Anyone have experience w/ this phono stage? MS-12B MM/MC Class A Valve? Thoughts - please let me know reasons why you like/dislike it.
I just ordered a MC100 after hearing one this weekend. I was not in the market for a new amp. I was stunned at the performance and I liked it as much as any amp I have heard, better than most.

The build quality is excellent, and it is a very handsome amplifier. It presents a very full bodied holographic image with deep lows and extended highs. Vocals poured onto my lap. If the ARC sound is your ideal, than this is not the amplifier for you. I would characterize it as lush, and full while still having a multidimensional and detailed presentation.

In all fairness, the amp I heard was upgraded with excellent quality caps and NOS driver tubes. The power tubes were the ones that came with the amp.
Well, I have one. The design is downright weird in some ways, it is very limited in features, and it isn't exactly silent (though that could be the older telefunkens I put in, and my set-up is in a electromageetic nightmare of a location). But last night my system (Monster Lenco, AT 1005 mk2, Denon DL103, Denon transformer, Yaqin, Sherwood AM7040 amp, Snell EIV) sounded SPECTACULAR. Richter played Schubert, Serkin played Moonlight, and the Berliner Phil with von Karajan played Scheherazade. I was transported. Big soundstage, clarity, plangency, shimmer, thunder, rhythm sweetness and light.

So I guess I like it!
I have one and i really like it I chose it over the project tube box. It has the tube buffer stage that I use for my tuner; in addition to the phono stage for MM cartridges. Musichall MM5 turntable, Simaudio evolution Amps.
As I just confirmed, the line level is very quiet. The Yaqin/tubes do very nice things for my Rega Planet CDP. Definitely a more liquid sound than through my other preamp, but not at the cost of definition or drive.