Yamaha MCX-1000 + Benchmark DAC-1

Just bought a Yamaha music server MCX-1000. The sound is OK but I was wondering if the addition of an external DAC like the Benchmark or the CI Audio could improve the sound.

Do you think it is worth the investment or will I get only a minimal return ? Since I replaced the original hard disk (80gig) by a 300gig it allows me to stock my files in either PCM (without compression) or MP3 (320kps)

Thank you
I run mine through my Audio Logic DAC, it almost (but not quite) sounds as good as my Forsell transport. Using an external DAC makes a significant improvement, in my view, over the unit's standard analog outputs, so I'd go for it.
The Benchmark is as good as the press states it is. An open, clean, sweet wound that will have you wondering why you should pay more. Also listen to the Marantz players, they are very good. JW