Yamaha cavit dpu50 - USB connection with effects

If you are trying to connect the computer to an amp, this is a pretty good sounding option with USB connection. Since it has it's own power supply, and is an external unit (not in the noisy computer), and has effects built in, it is a good option for mid-fi ambitions.

It's not 96/24 but only 16 bits, so the sound is not upto other more upscale soundcards, but then they don't come with effects. Especially nice is concert hall one - adds liquidity and transparency to the sound !

Google search for it, and they can be had for under $100. www.Amazon.com carries them.

It has optical out, to add your DAC to further improve the sound.

Looks sleek too by your monitor.

The DPU-50 model is the one I would recommend - other upper models have amps built in, but they are not good !!!

Anyone not happy with their mid-fi systems can also add this to your chain, and gain echo and delay sound. Granted that it's not the world class, but for the money, it's worth experimenting with - you can tweak the effects from your computer 'til cows come home - to your heart's content - for those who like their sound juuust right...
If you want a USB with hi-fi ambitions, no effects, and about the same $, try the Waveterminal U24. Or the Edirol UA-1X, or M-Audio Sonica for a lot less...