Y vs V vs upside down L

I have Apature 16 silver strand Bi-wires. I anm satisfied with these for now. My question is.... These consist of 16 single strands going to the speaker. At the amp end 8 are connected at the positive and negative terminals. At the speaker 4 strands go to each terminal. 4 to high positive, 4 to high negative and the same for the lows. SO essentially I have 4 strands going to each post. Would ther be any difference if electrically or sound wise if I were to connect the corrosponding 8 pos. strands together say 6 inchs from the speaker. Then I would have a "Y" instead of a "V". Allthough realistically I have a "Y" now its just that the base of the "Y" is inside my amp. Anyone ever try (its all been tried ) connecting a single run to the "center" of a jumper as opposed to connecting to the high or low posts then jumpering to the other???
Traditional connection upside down "L"
Traditional biwire "V"
Non traditional jumper "Y"
Just a thought
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Did this not make sense? Why no responces?
If you are using jumpers then you are not bi-wiring. Jumpers are for using mono-wire speaker cables for speakers that have separate posts for the woof and the mid/tweets.