XLR's using Canare L-4E6S between Bryston amp/proc


This is my first post and am hoping that it will garner me some good advise. I have just purchased the following:

Bryston 9BSST, Bryston SP 1.7, Vandersteen 3A Signatures, Vandersteen V2W sub, Vandersteen VCC 5 center and finally a pair of Vandersteen VSM 1 surrounds.

I am mounting my amp on a custom made Sound Anchor amp/center channel stand which will entail running XLR connectors for about 29 feet between my pre/processor and amp. I will then run shorter speaker cables and bi wire my 3As.

I was going to get the Bryston XLR cables but a local shop is trying to talk me into having some XLR's made up with Canare L-4E6S cable and top quality XLR connectors. He says that "coat hangers" would sound good as XLR connectors (definitely SOME sarcasm - but I hear that they are less sensitive to different cable composition) and that the Canare is plenty good enough. I have a fairly sizable investment in my gear and really don't want cut corners. BUT, having said that, I am quite certain that I can't hear the grass grow and definitely can't talk to bats!

One thing that concerns me is that the wire that Bryston suggests using is of super low capacitance (12.5 pF/ft between conductors)and has a drain wire which the L-4E6S doesn't.

First, has anyone used this wire with Bryston stuff? Secondly, well...any advise will help.


Your local shop has really given you some excellent advice.
I use Canare throughout my system (L-4E6S for both XLR->XLR
and RCA->XLR cables and 4S8 speaker cable) which has never
been accused of being anything less than extremely revealing:
Wadia 861se/ARCLS5mkII/ARCD400mkII/KinticAudioLabyrinths.
Not sure what your dealer is charging. You may want to check
with Markertek for a better price. Last I checked they make
you a 25ft pair of Canare L-4E6S with gold-tip Neutrik XLRs
for about $30.

I recommend you research a little further this cable buy.
I guess what I am trying to say (hopefully without offense to anyone) is that I started there then heard others (I have mentioned some brands in previous posts, won't do it here) and they DID make a big difference in my system.

I use Bryston 7BSST, B&W 802, among other equipment and listen mainly to classical music.

Best wishes in your search for "the sound you want ."
Well...perhaps I am a little crazy, but I opted to go for the Bryston XLRs as well as the Bryston speaker cable. I got a pretty good deal on them, although they were still expensive (compared to what I was used to spending on my old system). I just can't help but feel that if Bryston makes and recommends specific products for the equipment that they manufacture (they aren't outrageously expensive - so they aren't trying to hose the consumer), then they should be MORE than adequate.

I just have more of a warm and fuzy feeling. I got them for about half of what they sell for the Bryston website.

Thanks for the responses.