Wyred 4 sound vs Bel Canto dac 3

I am in the market for a medium priced dac. I have narowed my choices between the Wyred 4 sound dac2 and the Bel Canto dac 3.I an being guided by reviews but have not listened to either one. Anyone with personal experience?
Let me know if you ever get a good answer. I would add Wavelength or Ayre to the list. I was very interested in the results, and surprised that no one had an opinion.
Best to audition them.

I have had the W4S DAC2 and the Bel Canto DAC3.5VB in my bed/study room.

Preamp is an ARC Ref5SE and I am driving a pair of active Quad 12L Studio monitors.

IMHO the DAC3.5 sounds better. Lower noise floor but more than that, it sounds quite musical.

Both benefit greatly with a good preamp.