"Warm" sounding digital interconncect

Hi folks, I'm selling my Purist Audio Design Dominus AES/EBU digital cable because I think it has less PRaT and sounds less lively (too laid back for my taste) than the Wireworld Gold Starlight SPDIF digital cable. I know, the Wireworld is much cheaper than the PAD, but I like it more. I wonder if you know another digital interconnect that has plenty of PRaT and sounds warm and full throughout the midrange? To me a bit too forward is better than too laid back sound as I'm getting sleepy with a too laid back sound presentation.

you could try a shot in earing some VIRTUAL DYNAMIC digital like the NIGHT, MASTER or even the REVELATION (expensive) in a 1 1\2 meter lenght if you can afford it...
good luck
Cable Research Labs digital cable works for me and has the qualities you are looking for. Mine is terminated with Bocchino ends, but they use Cardas (or any other type you may prefer) as well. CRL is part of the Tube Research Labs family and was formerly FIM. Paul Weitzel has taken the designs of the cable to new levels so it's worth a look.

Try Creative Cable's "Green Hornet", probably the most widely used digital IC, or the highest-quality version, the "Silver Buller". Available through Music Direct or Essential Audio.
xlo signiture...very neutral and good bass slam(havent tried the limited)
I agree about the CRL/FIM. I used their Digital and presently use their Speaker cable, and it may be what you're looking for. It is warm, smooth and full through the mids with good detail, PRAT and slam.

Another I really like is the Sonoran Plateau Lambda Digital in AES/EBU. Similar to the CRL in most areas, but slightly less refined (and easier to work with).

The Concierto Violin is also very good and a little more lively and forward than the others.

I presently use the Stealth Sextet and HT Cyberlight, which are the best I've used in my system. Both present a great sense of ease I've not heard with any other cables.
I have experience with Kimber KS2020 digital cable. With this cable my original Krell KAV system sound very musical and not laid back. You might want to check it out. You can buy used for around $280. Try it and if you don't like just put it back on Agon - very popular cable indeed.
Try the Audience or the VD Master. I did not like the VD Night cable.

Happy Listening
I'd have to say Virtual Dynamics Master or Revelation.
They're stiff as hell, but bend easily to shape and stay put.
Break / settle in take a long time, but worth the wait.
The music pours through, unforced, naturally warm, dimensional as all get up and slammin bass out the yang-yang.
I guarantee you won't fall asleep !
Use lamp cord, and use the money to make real upgrades to your system.
Take a look at this site: http://www.bluemarbleaudio.com/

This guy makes his own cables and they are absolutely fantastic. His cables have to be one of the best kept secrets in the audio. He's got a small shop in San Antonio, TX. I was in the camp that felt cablesmade very little differnce and have felt this way for almost 30years now, until his cables changed my mind.

I ordered a Arcam AVP-700 though him as he was my closest dealer and went to pick it up. He had a set up that consited of a Naim CDP with outboard power supply, Naim pre-amp, Belles amp, Usher speakrs and his intreconnects.

He was explaining to me how he could not find a cable that met his needs so he spent years designing his own. Of course I'm thinking, yeah sure, snake oil. He did a demonstration and swapped out cables with the likes of Nordost, etc. (not familiar with the models, as I said I wasn't a big cable fan)and for the first time I became a believer.

The difference wasn't slight, it was significant and in every case his cables sounded more life like and open.

I told him I was using my DVDP's as sources and complained of poor redbook CD performance. He sent one of his coax cables home with me for a trial run and said to try the digital outputs of my DVDP's into the Arcam and let him know how it turned out.

Tried it and wow! The Arcam just trashed the DVDP's for Redbook playback. Of course I was still thinking, it's digital 1's and 0's, it's the processor not the cable. So I rolled out his cable and replaced it with my Monster and the depth to my sound field disappered and the minute details that made the music so lovely was gone. Don't get me wrong, the Arcam was better than either of my DVDP's, but it was not as good as it was with his cable.

I am in no way affiliated with this guy (BTW, his name is Roger and he's a good dude), but I thought I'd share my experiences. This guys cable made a believer out of me.

Unfortunately I now have to come up with the bucks so I can keep the cable. Not to mention this experience got me back into redbook CD's so I had to put me a Naim CD5i on order. ;-)

Anyhow, just thought I'd let you guys know what I heard.
Virtual Dynamics Master sounds very lively and at the same time it is not bright at all. NightII is smooth sounding if you want to tame the highs but it doesn't have the same level of detail retreival as the Master. Soundstage is about the same size with both, but NightII is more laid back. I think you may like the Master though. I liked it a lot with the Bel Canto DAC2 and was very impressed with how this dac sounded with the Master digital interconnect. I actually heard some things on few recordings for the first time with that cable. But I udecided to go single-box player route, so I am not using this cable anymore. Good luck.
Thank you all for your input. As stated, I'm using the Wireworld Gold Eclipse currently, but I'll try another digital interconnect in due time.

what is your impression of the wireworld ?

in reading your comments it would seem the purist is too laid back and the wireworld is too forward...and you are looking for something right in between...

is there any preference in regards to musicality between the 2 ?
Mike, in my opinion the PAD is a bit too laid back, while the Wireworld has a more lively and less laid back presentation. It is not too forward. My analog rig sounds more forward than the digital rig, including the Wireworld. If there is an interconnect that sounds more upfront than the Wireworld, I might give it a try.

thanks for the comeback...which version of the wireworld do you have ?
Mike, the Gold Eclipse II.