Speakers in my main HT system are Paradigm Studio 80s, CC-570, ADP-450 (?) side surrounds, and PSB Stratus Silvers as rear surrounds. I just picked up a mint pair of Mirage M-5i speakers and am thinking of using those in place of the Studio 80s. Would be interested on hearing any opinions on mixing the Mirage dipoles with these other speakers....could this be an improvement, or just more of a lateral move to a slightly different type of sound?
Since these are large, heavy speakers, I don't want to move them on  a whim and end up unhappy with the results.
In my experience, it is most critical that the left-center-right speakers of a home theater system be all of the same type of driver/crossover. Otherwise, you will definitely get a sense of disconnectedness in the sound as well as weird transitioning sonics as sounds move from left to right. The surround speakers are less important to match, but they do influence things. As far as the Mirage dipoles, I couldn’t comment as speakers are very much a personal taste thing.  If you liked the Mirage, I would recommend you replace the center with a matching Mirage as well.
Thanks for your response, auxinput......you confirmed what I had felt about mixing the two types of speakers. BTW, I erred in calling the Mirages dipoles - they are bipolar design, with drivers on the front and rear.
+1 to what Aux said
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