Wright Phono pre-amp??

Wright Co. seems to offere some very reasonably priced pre's and a few power amps not out of sight with point to point wiring and what lookslike maybe thegoods.They have a phon section that got a good review in Listener (said it narrowly bested a section in his CAT pre).Has seperate power supply and tubes all for $750.Lastly company will let you take stuff in for home trial so they must be pretty confident.Anybody heard it?????
I have not heard the preamp, but was quite impressed with their little 30 watt amplifier.
Jonahan...will you get a chance to hear the phono pre-amp? I am interested in hearing about it also!
I can only speak about the 3.5 watt 2A3 amp as that is the only piece I have auditioned. The sound was lovely but it did not have enough oomph to push my speakers (91 dB). Based on that limited exposure I can recommend them for the build quality versus price point. I think you get more than you pay for.
I have not heard the Wright Phono pre-amp, but I have recently heard a new one from Jungwurth Designs. It is a tube based phono preamp using 12AX7 tubes, point to point wiring, and very closely matched components +/- 1% unlike many that are within 10-15% tolerances of components. The specs were somewhere from 6Hz-70Khz, +/- 1db. or somewhere in that range. They make a limited number as they are all done by hand and instrument tested individual parts. They are selling for 2500.00 and is for MM only. I tested it with my Aries/JMW 10, Shure V15 and was very impressed. I will do further listening and I would like to hear the Wright. I do not have any interest in CD after hearing this. I may not need to go the MC route if this delivers the goods. Jeff
Rwd: Unfortunately, I have no plans to hear it in the near future.
Forgetting that it is MM only $2500 Clams is over three times the price of the Wright.Given the quality of your table whether you get this phono that caught your fancy step up to a better cartridge.One thing you can find here on Audiogon is good deals on carts.$1800 Ortofon Jubilee for $750?A $2500 Van Den Hull Frog for $1200?The Sure is a venerable design but I'd treat myself.You only go around once.