Would this be a good match: Muse Model 100 with Creek 4330SE as preamp?

Hi All,
I'm looking to either sell my Creek 4330 SE to buy a 5350 SE, or keep the 4330 SE to use as a preamp with a Muse Model 100 power amp? The Muse is the "MkII" version with toroidal transformer and removable AC cord. The Muse is in excellent condition with no buzz/hum. The Muse will probably cost around $350, and the 5350 SE will be $650. I would have to sell my 4330 first. After that, my out of pocket will still be roughly even between between the two at $350-$400. Thoughts?  Which would sound better? Would the 4330 mate well as a pre with the Muse? 

Rest of my gear:
Source: Naim CD3.5
Speakers: Vandersteen 2c 
Cables: DH Labs... Q-10 speaker / Air Matrix interconnects.