Would Martin Logan Spires benefit from subwoofer?

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I have Martin Logan Spires run through a Jeff Rowland Concerto integrated. I've been wondering how much would a subwoofer (probably a ML, too) contribute to the overall sound of my system? Room is about 15 X 25, quite sound friendly!

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Nice big room. I would say a well set up sub configuration will benefit even big speakers. I know many, many owners of Wilson X1s, X2s who use subs...probably which are cut off at 35hz or so...but there is a surprising increase in heft, slam and atmosphere that results.

I am a bass freak...but not bass, bass all over the place...but i just enjoy (even at low levels) feeling the quick tight punch of a drum bass thwack. I have a Velodyne DD18...cut off above 40hz...and it works beautifully.

takes a while to setup 'perfectly'...but its worth it. I also found an Auralex subwoofer isolation platform (60 bucks) helped incredibly!!! Good luck and pls keep us posted.
While the Spires really improved on the Panel/Woofer integration, adding a sub will help. IMO I like Servo Based Subs with stats. But the biggest thing that will help out with the Sub and integration is the DSpeaker Anti-Mode 8033 Sub EQ system. I messed around with a Velodyne SMS-1 (same thing that is in the Velodyne DD series) and measures, tweaked, auto measures, manual measured, tweak, changed settings...FOREVER and really could not get my sub to sound as good as I thought it could (I have my room EXTENSIVELY treated for acoustics). I finally bought the DSpeaker and within 15 minutes of unpacking hooking up and running the calibration, I had the BEST SUB response EVER in my room. Selling the SMS-1 was a no-brainer.
Thanks for two great replies, folks! I'll be experimenting shortly and will post results.
Well folks, I've come down to these possibilities:

One Martin Logan Descent
Two Martin Logan Depths
One JL Audio F112 or F113

Any ideas, preferences?
I would normally say ML Descent because it is easily setup to go with your MLs most likely...But JL Audio is one serious sub.

In the end, with your room, if you can do 2 subs, many people say [properly set up] it is far smoother. And i can imagine that is absolutely right. So i would say 2 ML Depths.
I just bought a JL Audio F113 sub to go with my Martin Logan Spires. Should I still use the powered woofers in my MLs, or should I just unplug them and let the JL do all the 80hz and below work? Or, any other ideas???
Is this for HT or a 2 channel setup.
This is exclusively for two channel stereo listening.
Run the MLs full range including their powered woofers and blend in the JL below that. The Spires provide an extra advantage for integration with the sub thanks to the Spires' +/- 10dB woofer adjustment centered at 35 Hz.