KCI Pure Gold and the benefits

Hi Guys just wanted to share my new love for the majic of pure gold interconnects. Ive been through the paces of tring different mid to high grade interconnects in my system and finally tried pure gold. Now the price does vary significantly from pure gold cable to pure gold cable, I picked up the KCI and have really loved what gold did for my modest system compared to pure silver, flat ribbon and tons of different copper. I have read the white papers about silver being a better conductor and even some on why gold is more pleasing to the ear. I feel that gold is more coherent top to bottom than silver but noticed many of my audio friends are using silver still. What is the general feeling and use here amongst guys with the high end of equipment? Are you using gold and does it get even better with higher end equipment?
I have tried silver. I have tried copper. I found that gold plated silver was the ticket for me. Loads of detail and air with all the warmth I could want., beyond copper. The silver has detail that copper and gold can'tdo, if tamed as in gold plated it's wonderful.
I'll be receiving two pairs of Pur Au79s by the end of next week.

Judging from my long conversation with John at KCI and feedback from users, the results seem most promising.
I am also using a pair of pure gold interconnects in my system that I built myself. I ended up using 28ga 24kt pure gold wire, two wires per leg, terminated with Eichmann RCA connectors. I'm using it between my cdp and preamp, and anytime I try a different IC in that spot, I always end up going back to the Golds. They do something very special in my system, no doubt.

However, the same IC was tried on a friend's system, and it wasn't so good, so there are synergies definately at work with these gold cables. I love 'em.
I feel that gold has alot to offer high end systems especially if they have gone so far as to get that "HiFi sound" that seems to sterile, almost lifeless. If you've heard it then you know what I'm talking about, it's kind of dry sounding and it just doesn't seem to reach out and grab ahold of you. Gold can do wonders in bringing life back into a system and the music we all love. BUT, it's not for everyone, we all have different ears.

I'm glad that you are enjoying your interconnects, they do have a sound that is hard to beat don't they(did you find that background yet??lol.)! Even though I cooked them on the cooker for you just wait as they seem to only improve with time. Thank you for buying my cables and let me know if you ever have any questions or just want to have another "listening session", your more than welcome to stop by anytime.
PS- So where did you end up putting your silver coax cables at?

It was great talking to you, you seem to know your stuff and have been around the audio block. I have had the privledge of hearing both the Jade and Gabriel I/C's and they both sound wonderful. Both of those guys make a quality product.

I think you are going to be very pleasantly surprised with your new cables. I'm actually pretty darn excited about you getting these babies in your system and I can't wait to hear your thoughts. I will keep you posted on the progress of their build and if you have any questions feel free to contact me anytime. Thank you for your business, I greatly appreciate it.

Sounds like you built yourself a nice set of cables, that wire isn't cheap is it? If you have the purity bumped up it starts getting really expensive. Which Eichmanns did you end up using? If you went with their great Copper Bullet and if your looking to piddle around with them and do some soldering you should give the Eichmann Silver Bullets a try. I would love to hear your thoughts on the differences between the two different plugs/metals.

John - where can we find information on KCI? Thanks much for your reply in this thread, almost always helpful when the manufacturers will weigh in....Art
Hi Art,
Your very welcome on the reply, glad to be here. At the moment I do not have a website but am in the process of working on it. Sorry about that, I really need to get on the ball there.

Art, if you have any questions or there is anything I can help you with please feel free to contact me directly and I'll do my best to answer your questions.

What cables are you currently using? How do you like em?

Thanks John,

I'll keep my "excitement-factor" to a minimum for now, that is, I'll try !
Just finished the 1.5 meter set and put them on the cooker, will pull them off tomorrow. Starting on the coaxials now.
I'll keep ya posted.

It is truly a shame when equipment manus take detail to shrill or thin. I'd say they only got half of the equation right. But that's what makes "really right" a rare find for any of us, no matter what our preference might be. So sadly, folks have to use cables as tone controls, like at the other end of the spectrum when sharp silver cables are brought in to eeek out the last bit of detail from something that is more than a bit mushy, either upstream or downstream from that cable.
The detail of silver when warmed with the (it' gets emotional at this point) the magic of gold is quite getting it "all right" imho. Terminations and synergy are certainly a factor, though some might discredit the effects of lesser metals in a solder.
Some also hear "tizziness" as detail, speaking for the camp that *we in this thread are most likely not a part. What I find most satisfying about this thread is how it puts "low purity copper wire" and "brass connectors" almost back at the Radio Shack where (imho again) they belong. I'm so tired of folks saying that *those sound good to them and thus they won't listen to anything else. Things like, saying "gold connectors" when it's gold over brass, and "tin copper" as a fancy way of saying "brass" (to avoid the stigma) has really kinda buggd me since starting in 1988 (though it has been going on much before that).
I hate to sound smug, but feel deeply that it is about time the truth got a foothold like this.
this is one of the forward edge forums, (again imho). Best Regards.
A quick report :

The Pur Au79 interconnects arrived today and outta the box, they sound extremely musical.

Two words come to mind >> natural and real <<

I'll post further comments later next week to confirm my thoughts, but so far they're keepers.
Spiro great post! I agree with you. Im sorry I havent followed up on my post but I have been doing something I havent done for years- listening and not surfing the internet for opinions on a new upgrade to make it enjoyable again. I couldnt be happier now and rx8man I eargerly await your full opinion once you got more hours with them. Sounds like you are already having a similar opinion as I do.
Glad they made it to you safe and sound. They are extremely musical aren't they, I agree whole heartdly(sp?). Even though they have been on the cooker if you give them a little time you will notice that they will still open up more as well as present more detail. Not sure what the deal is with pure gold being treated on a cable cooker; very hard to figure out the right amount of treatment. 24 hours seems to be the maximum amout of time to treat them or else they can sound shouty and a little blurry/muddy for a little while. Gold is odd but sounds wonderful. Thanks again for buying my cables and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime. I'm looking very forward to your thoughts as they begin to settle down and open up.

I have found the opposite effect with gold IF, and thats a big if, you go through the effort of having very pure gold wire pulled. I started with 14K wire and went from there, couldn't help but notice that as the gold became more pure the sound was more pure. Hence me decinding to use the 99.998% gold. Topping them off with Eichmann's Silver Bullets really brings everything together very well. Some of the Cardas as well as the WBT next gens are right there as well but cost prohibitive. I wanted to make the best sounding cable for the least amount of money I could.

I see that you make cables as well, gold plated silver. Are you using vermeil?

I'm glad you have now had a chance to just sit down and "Enjoy the Music", that's what it's all about. Since we're in the same area, we'll have to meet up again sometime and do some more listening. Enjoy and if you need anything or have any questions please feel free to contact me anytime.

Mazda Man, you're making a big mistake making cable decisions while living in an electrically noisy townhouse complex. We've discussed this many times: your particular power filter, no matter how expensive and fancy looking, is a substandard product. Fix the power, then choose the cables.

I would have to disagree with you Psychicanimal. Most of us on this forum live in "electrically noisy" areas. Care to explain your conclusion a little more?

Lots of folk live in crappy electrically supplied huts, you do what you can to get by.

I don't have my OWN dedicated transformer hung on a pole,
unless your some rich guy or have friends in higher places from the utility company.

My **Fancy** power filter suits my system, my ears and a lot of other folks that came by for a listening session, that's all that matters to me (for now) OK ?

I'll split a plane ticket for you, come up and listen, you'll think twice about this, DEAL ??

Like I said, I'll take these cables to your buddies in Indiana this Summer.

Remember, a "little" coloration in a good way ?? suit to taste ?? huh ??

Have a nice day on paradise island, I'll survive the rust belt for a while longer.
I agree about fixing the power, it's very important.

I do have a pair of dedicated 10-2 lines, he just doesn't like my Hydra !

When you think about it, how "dedicated" is a line when it still shares the same incoming, common and ground from your box ?

Yeah, I know about isolation transformers, I'll find a Xentek 220 > 110 step-down on Fleabay, he'll be happier for me.

John, your cables are kicking butt very handily, they're starting to open up and settle down.

I would have to disagree with you Psychicanimal. Most of us on this forum live in "electrically noisy" areas. Care to explain your conclusion a little more?

It's all in the Audiogon archives. An audio system is about--in order of importance:

1) power
2) room acoustics
3) vibration/resonance control

If those are PROPERLY taken care of, just about any decent component will sound great, from the little & classic NAD/Proton 25W receivers and up.

When you think about it, how "dedicated" is a line when it still shares the same incoming, common and ground from your box ?

A dedicated line offers no interruptions between breaker box and system outlet. Its purpose is dual fold: isolation from cross contamination and the *beef* factor.

As for grounding, that is very true, especially for those who still use tube electronics. My ONEAC 3KW isolation transformer/filter has a 'patented virtual ground' that isolates the building ground from the transformer's. You heard it! Also, DeZorel makes world class filters with an optional ground filtration module.

With psychic power and primal intensity,

You said,

" My Oneac 3kw isolaton transformer/filter has a 'patented virtual ground..' Ok Pychicanimal, where do I pick up one of these to try?
Still no reason to come in and slam or insult where someone lives or their system. So how's that refrigerator sounding nowdays??

Glad your enjoying them, they will only get better. Looking forward to your comments in the next week or so. Enjoy your system, it's a darn nice setup.

Look at this! http://cgi.ebay.com/ONEAC-CC2338-Power-Conditioner-3-84-KVA-240V_W0QQitemZ110119129423QQihZ001QQcategoryZ16184QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem>http://cgi.ebay.com/ONEAC-CC2338-Power-Conditioner-3-84-KVA-240V_W0QQitemZ110119129423QQihZ001QQcategoryZ16184QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem>http://cgi.ebay.com/ONEAC-CC2338-Power-Conditioner-3-84-KVA-240V_W0QQitemZ110119129423QQihZ001QQcategoryZ16184QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

There's no reason to spend thousands on 'audio grade' filters that don't even publish specifications. This is a multi thousand dollar industrial unit for a mere fraction of its original cost--and there are two on e-Bay!!!

Still no reason to come in and slam or insult where someone lives or their system. So how's that refrigerator sounding nowdays??

Did you do your homework, Johnny? You would have found that some people use Wirewraps on their refrigerator power cords with excellent results. Wirewraps are a favorite of Brian Cheney of VMPS.


Here's more homework:
Mr. Magnan's primer on vibration and line noise control

From the gardener of love,
Sorry for getting "side tracked", I shouldn't have fallen for the bait.

Stivervii & Rx8man,

I have been working on speaker cables but so far gold prices pretty much make it cost prohibitive. Going to a less pure gold will not give us the sound we are looking for(equal to the Pur series) so I continue on my quest....
How are your cables doing? Any new revelations or thoughts?

So how are the listening sessions coming guys? i am continuing to enjoy some long fatigue free sessions and am loving it! The weight of instruments, inner detail and presentation continue to improve ever so slightly and I am sold on Pur gold- Highly Recommended!

How many listening hours (approx) are on your cables as they improve ?
Although I agree with Psychicanimal. I should say it's not what you say but HOW you say it.

I havn't tried the pure gold ic, but i do have some Z Squared which is supposed to be a gold alloy, I have the very pricey Furutech XLR on them.
I really like what some gold can do for my system.
I guess I should say that I agree that clean power makes a good difference.
But ic changes on any desent setup should be noticeable with some ic, even if power conditioning is not used.
But I believe ac power should be addressed.
Getting back to the *original* topic here, I have an update on John's KCI Gold interconnects.

After going through a lengthy up and down break-in process, the KCI interconnects took a final turn towards ultimate musicality.

I won't bore anyone to death with audiophile adverbs and adjectives, but I will say this,
these cables turned my system into a live presence of stark reality.

John went the extra mile for me to make sure I was served in a timely, orderly fashion, including follow-up emails and phone calls.

Do yourself a big favor and check his cables out, well worth the investment, a component upgrade is more the proper term than just replacing cables, no kidding.
Hi Rx8man,
Ha ha, told ya! Isn't it crazy how these cables behave as they break in? They open up in what I call "levels" and with each step they just get better and better. I'm glad you are enjoying them and I will keep you posted on the progress of the speaker cables we have in the works, I think you'll be very surprised!!

If you have any questions or requests please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks again for your business!
Just wanted to give some of you guys that have been asking for speaker wires an update. As you all know the pure gold speaker cables were just to expensive to make so we have been working with our vendor trying to come up with a gold alloy that has the same signature as our gold interconnects and this latest "mix" is on the mark! It sounds fantastic and I can't wait for you guys to give it a listen, your going to be shocked. I have ordered enough wire to make aprox. four 6' sets, I'll keep ya'll posted on our progress as things move along. Still trying to figure out the best connectors to use, the Oyaide(sp?) spades sure sound nice!

Hi Clio09,
Are you referring to their hugely oversized connectors?? Man those things are monsters!!


I'm referring to the B3 and B19 connectors. The B2 is the monster one. These are the best connectors IMO. I also have their spade to banana adapters for speaker cables. They are expensive, but the quality is outstanding.
Hi Clio09,

I went to their website and checked them out, they do look like(and I've heard) they are great plugs but just to darn cost prohibitive as they would add over $1000 to the cost of my cables!! I would LOVE to try a set though, got any spares?? lol. Seriously though, thanks for the advice.
I bought your 50/50 cables and loved them but sold them because I want to upgrade to your silk worms. I bid on the last ones up but lost will you have some more .5 meter sets up soon? Also do you make the .75 meters to?

I'm very sure John can make custom lengths, email him.

Another member received two pairs of Gold Silkworms, 1 meter and 1.5.

He NEVER boasts about anything sounding exceptional, in all the 7 years I know him well.

He's been through a plethora of cables and became sick and tired, fed up with the hype and B.S. he was ready to sell his amps, speakers and bail out of the hobby.

His comments about the Golds straight-outta-the-box were so positive, I laughed out loud !

He called me four times throughout one day to tell me.

My reply was "you haven't even begun to hear them, wait till they start breaking in, you're gonna be floored"
Hi Diepdvr,
Glad you would like to upgrade, your going to love the Silkworms, very very open and smooth. I will post more 1/2 meter sets soon and you are more than welcome to contact me directly anytime if you would like to forego(is that even a word??) the auction process. Also, if you need a 3/4 meter set I'd be glad to make you a set if thats what you need. Thank you for your repeated interest!!


So Bigkidz is loving them huh? I'm glad to hear that, after talking to him on the phone I figured he would most likely love the sound of the Silkworms. And like you said, wait until he goes through a couple of the "levels"! Thank you for the refferal Rx8man, word of mouth is a great thing. So how are your newest cables doing, reach any levels yet? :)

I just received my KCI cables today and I'll tell ya, these cables are the real deal sound wise. I went with the pure gold 22awg with the Furutech (Death Grip) Rhodium xlrs at 42". What a difference it made over what I was using before, which btw was a great cable for the buck to begin with. Everything seemed to open up more, which I thought was opened up already. Bottom end, top, mid, soundstage all were delicatly enhanced with a dead quiet background. I do have a modest system that I have not changed for a couple years and this seemed to be the ticket for change. Listening to Fourplay X, the musicians were in my livingroom. No kidding and this is right out of the box with a few hours music on them. Talking with John, I can expect more upon more layers of air and dynamics as they break in.

I am giving the Fourplay X cd a break for a couple weeks before I put it on again to really hear on how everything is improving as the cables break in. I thought I knew my music cds pretty good, instrument wise, but I am hearing everything that is there.
After many on and off hours of breaking in my two pair of KCI Gold Silkworms (due to the Summer heat and KT-88 monoblock amps) my system produces such a life-like sound that I'm totally content.
You must try these cables, they're the real deal, you will hear everything !!
(Like Eldulcesol says)
I'm glad your enjoying your new cables, after they settle in they will really open up and start to sing. Thank you for the nice compliments and please keep me advised on your thoughts.

Hey stranger! So yours are finally starting to open up huh? Told ya, that thicker wire takes even longer doesn't it! I think our buddy above is in for a ride as his is even thicker! ha ha. Thank you for the great compliments on my cables and I'm glad you guys are all enjoying them so much. Take care and hope to talk to you soon.

Well this may be insane but I have started piecing together another system around of all things cables!! Im going minimalist with just a CD source, to power amps to Ohm Walshes. Breaking in the speakers but things are awesome right now with the staging of the Ohms + the stage of the Silkworms these little things produce an unbelievably huge soundstage. The detail and nounce of the Silkworms should help the not so detailed Ohms out a lot. We will see how the break in goes and Ive had dreams of a passive pre wired with Johns silkworms internally-- yum!

Those Ohm Walshes are awesome, but how about changing the internal wiring within the speaker with John's cables as an alternative. This speaker off axis performance is outstanding but I could not live with the lack of inner detail.

Looking forward to your review on John's cables and your Walsh speakers.
Hey man, haven't heard from you in awhile...and now you have Walsh Ohms, cool. I would love to give them a listen sometime if you ever feel like having a visitor! :) As for wiring your pre, I can do that and have been thinking of doing the same to my pre. La45 also has a great idea, I'm currently going to try my hand at a set of speakers(Zigman Hornets) and I plan to wire them internally with my wire, I'll let you know how it turns out. We'll have to chat soon.

Currently my cables are up for review at StereoMojo and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a favorable review. Keep an eye out on stereomojo.com for the upcoming review.

Best Regards,
Hi All, I will be receiving 2 pair of Silkworms tomorrow. They will go from cd-pre-amp. I will let you know how it goes. So far, I have had a great experience working with John. If his cables are as good as his cutomer service they will be second to none.
Hi Geared4me,
Thank you for your great post! Your cables are on their way to you via overnight express and are scheduled to be at your door by noon tomorrow(Tuesday), I sent you your tracking # via email early this morning. Enjoy them and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me anytime. Thank you for your business!!

Does KCI make XLR cables,speaker wire and AC cords too?
Hi Donpark,
Yes Sir, I do make XLR cables and the gentleman a few posts above(Eldulcesol) just received a set a few days ago. I am working on speaker cables(wayyyy behind as I've been so tied up lately with interconnects) but currently have nothing available to the public for release, yet. Sorry, no power cords. I specialize in interconnects so I try to stick with what I know and do well. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or post em here and I'll try my best to answer.

Well, the Silkworms arrived this morning right on schedule. Right out of the box they sound better than my reference cables.

The PRAT and the balance are awesome. That statement sounds so easy to make but it is a very rare thing to hear in person. No frequency is pushed in either direction giving the music a much more natural sound. They have a very spacious sound that wraps you 360 degrees.

I'm sure that they will only get better as they settle in to my system. I can't wait to hear them a couple weeks from now!
I'm glad they made it to you on time and that you are already enjoying them. As they settle down in your system they will begin to open up and reach higher as well as the bass will dig deeper and start to tighten up.

Enjoy them and if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Thank you!

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have posted a "Product Review" for the Silkworms if you are interested in checking it out.
Hi Duane,
Thanks for the great review! Much appreciated. Here is a review that Stereomojo just put up:


Best Regards,
I knew these cables were something special! Great review John!Its rare to get all reviewers to chime in and do a full review of a product- even more special that they were all blown away!!