Would it hurt Elite receiver to run 4 ohm speakers

I have a chance on a really good deal for Polk LSi series speakers (lsi7 or 9's). My Elite 443tx receiver (100 watt X7) is stated to run down to 6 ohms. I will eventually get an external amp (NAD, Odyssey), but was wondering if the 4 ohm load would damage my receiver. I only listen to 2 channel with sub (no surround). I know I can find great 8 ohm speakers...but I can get a special on the Polk's
Yes, the Amp could see a load impedance as low as 2 ohms from the nominal 4 ohm speakers.....
How loud you listen will determine the current drawn from the receiver. You could try low volumes and see how hot the unit gets. Protection circuits should avoid any permanent damage - assuming they work.
I have an elite94vsx. And it won't do well with those polks. It would sound anemic at best. I use it for pre-pro with a sherbourn 5/1500 with my nht setup. They mean it when they recommend 6 ohm min
I have a 92TXH, quite similar to 94TXH, and I have been using it with 4ohm or lower speakers. in fact, very demanding load (Sonus Faber Amati Homage and Aerial 20T). I admit my hearing becomes semi-deaf when I watch movie, I also admit I don't play that loud. so far the 92TXH seems to hold up well, do not run hot, and sound decent even with Aerial 20T.