Worth outlaying on a Phono Pre?


My current setup:
- Rega P25 w/Groovetracer upgrades + Denon DL160
- Rotel RC-1070 Pre / RB-1070 Power
- B&W 685s + B&W ASW608 Subwfr

My Question:
I am thinking about adding an outboard phono stage. I'm looking for something whose performance gains will not be wasted due to the rest of my system - as i do not intend upgrading the other components for some time. Listen to mainly rock (all genres) & occasionally some jazz. With all this in mind, do you think it's even worth upgrading past the phono stage in my rotel pre? any comments most appreciated!

- James
The phono stage plays through your line stage so while a phono seperate might give you some flexibility in terms of gain and loading options, you probably will not have much advancement in sound quality.
the rotel phono board should be fine.
I have used a RB980bx and a RB1070 with a Rega P25. The phono stage I used was a Clearaudio basic. At the time is was nicely priced but I think the clearaudio prices have gone up.
I don't use the basic anymore but it is a 230V unit, I don't know where you live but it could/may be nice upgrade. Now I use the phonostage of my Symphonic Line La Musica.