Worth looking for a Rotel 1065 receiver?

I have jjust discovered what an audiophile potential I have. I have also discovered how limited I am in getting new gear. So after reding reviews on older Rotels, I would like to own a Rotel 1065, to use primarily for 2-channel music, and with the option to use for TV - component is okay.

Is there any decent Rotels 1065 out there and seeing as they no longer make them, are they even worth looking for? My other consideration is a used Arcam
Any advice greatly welcomed.
Having owned both Rotel and Arcam amps / integrateds in the past, I would choose Arcam over Rotel. However, you may want to consider 1970's vintage Marantz or McIntosh receivers first. Fellow audiogoner, Zaw Win, owns an electronics service center in St. Louis (Alpha-Tech Electronics) with a large inventory of vintage Marantz receivers at reasonable prices. (314-645-5250)

I have no affiliation with Alpha Tech, other than being a satisfied customer.
I own a Rotel RSX-1057 AVR and it's fabulous. You may have more success finding a preowned 1056 or 1057 than the 1065. Any reason it has to be the 1065? The RSX-1065 is probably the predecessor to the current RSX-1067 which is their top of the line of the older series. They just introduced a new series of A-V receives and processors. I would say it would be worth purchasing a preowned RSX-1067 if you can't swing the $2,200.00 for a new one if you can not find a 1065. Next option would be the a 1056, 1057, or 1058.