World Cup of Audio

Which country would win aWorld Cup of Audio? Tournament rules:
1. Nominate a system of components made by companies in a single country.
2. More than one system can be nominated for a country.
3. System nominations end at midnight EDST on June 23.
4. Cast you vote for what you believe would be the best sounding system, based on experience, what is most important to you in music reproduction, reviews by trusted audiophiles, etc. beginning June 24.
5. Votes will be tallied on July 9.
To get things started, I nominate the following:

Germany 1:
Speakers= mbl 101E Radialstrahler
Amplifier= mbl 9011 (2 amps)
Pre-amp= mbl 6010D
Source= mbl 1622 and mbl 1611E
Cables, Cords= mbl for power cords, ? for cables (need some help here)

Strengths= Synergy, balance, nuance
Weakness= No analog
Odds= A very high seed. Could take it all.

There should be some stiff competition from U.S., Switzerland, Japan, U.K., and other countries. What is your nomination?
No analog? I guess that puts Madagascar out. :•)

1pr. ATC Anniversary 150's Front
2pr. ATC Anniversary 50's Rear & side
1ea. ATC Anniversary 150 Center
4ea ATC Concept 6 Subwoofers
1ea XTA Digital Crossover (for sub delay)
4ea XTA Digital EQ's for subs.
1ea Meridian 861 v.4
1ea Meridian 800

Strengths: Trifield Surround Sound, Dynamic Range, Near perfect synergy over its full Bandwidth, faithful to the source and recorded venue, Linearity, midrange Speed, dynamics and clarity, room correction and the ability to be tuned to different recordings and listeners for best results.

Weaknesses: Predisposition against surround by audiophiles, will not do well in the vacuum of the audiophile belief system. Otherwise the weaknesses are difficult to define, but it has to play a recording, the recordings will be the weakness.

Odds; In a real life head to head contest this system will crush, quite unceremoniously almost all the two channel entries. In the reality of this contest very low odds otherwise, cause this is a battle of opinion and limited experiences.

My experience with this system is it is a converter and dispeller of the belief system that 2 channel is the superior format. Audiophiles come in thinking one way and squirt out the other relieved of the burden of two channel.

Should be a fun thread.
Mr. Edwards, your tube and audiophile aprehensions aside, a very impressive system indeed!

You have no fancy cable or tweaks....shame on you. Nothing has a chance of winning a vote without glowing tubes, thick cables supported by power line isolators, spikes for speakers, pads for components, a turntable with a platter sized to grind wheat and, I forgot to mention, the all important clock tweak! Besides, speakers that look like boxes....come on....surely you can do better....the MBL 101E's look like something from a NASA mission far, far better.

Germany 1 UK Nil. IMHO

Keep it going, this should be a fun thread!
Is it legal in the UK to make fancy cables? Anyone?

Its hard to be ex-cia, nsa and be an English subject is it not? :)

I realize there's no sizzle on my steak, I guess I like being the sleeper underdog. :)

My boys from IXOS just called and they are going to sponsor my system...So I'd like to thank Ixos for stepping up with the exotic freebies.

Only the listener gets tweaked with this system :)
D_Edwards, how about ATC's system 70?

"A quarter century of ATC research reaches a climax".
That's ATC's quote, not mine.

My vote would be Japan or France. I can't name a specific system but Japanese and French (PHY?) seems to have the best single driver speaker technology out there. Basically full range from a virtual point source.

Duchy of Grand Fenwick

Kokintz Audio

The Q-bomb (Ouadium bandwidth-unlimited omnidirectional master blaster) System consisting of the following items:

the Q-table
the Q-arm
the Q-cartridge
the Q-deck
the Q-pre
the Q-amp
the Q-speakers

all connected by Q-cables
all constructed with Carbon Fourteen.

Strengths: Lifelike, explosive and fiery with hurricane force sound. Literally a once in a lifetime experience. Best when listened to with a bottle of Pinot Grand Fenwick and GF chewing gum.

Weaknesses: Once you have heard the Q-bomb System, you won't be able to listen to anything else. No digital.
Two more rules:
No wagering
No excessive consumption of alcohol
...but you can tear off your jersey after you vote.

speakers: magnepan 3.0
amp: cj mv 125
preamp: mfa luminescence
digital source: cal tempest
cables: dcca audio
turntable:sota sapphire
cartridge: grado 8mr
arm:eminent technology

Well the Anniversary editions surpass the System 70 in total acoustic output and equal the 70's in everything but the elaborate cabinet. Something about the 150's and the 15" woofer that just gets it done, but they are big so are not for everyone's house. But I have chosen based on my experience and that the "Anniversary Editions" are the latest hot rod out of the shop with a new box configuration etc.

PHY makes mostly two way speaker systems, they kind of bend the truth IMO about being "fullrange". Decent overall and about the easiest driver short of the Fostex to make a speaker with. I love how all the manufacturers who use PHY go on and on about how difficult the box was to build...LOL!!! I threw a set in a sealed box and a BSS 324 omnidrive, T-amps and BAM!, crushed that $16,000 Oceola? thing with ease on Audio note or something tube amps. In reality you could mount them in the box they come shipped in and they would sound good!

Focal would be the French Powerhouse with YBA front end?


I'm assembling my hooligans right now. J. Gordon Holt as the head hooligan for Huntingdon-Stroud United! Hey let's see some more systems!
This is funny thread considering that at one time I had a system made up of components from England, the US, France, Canada and Japan. Sounds more like a professional team, ay?
Ok, Audiogoners we need to see some serious competitive systems for the Cup from France, Italy, Japan, Canada(?!), Switzerland, and some more from Germany, U.S.A., and the U.K. Any from the former Soviet bloc? How about regional systems in the U.S. (east, central, west?). When describing a system give it a label (e.g., Germany 1) so we can identify it when casting votes.
NEWSFLASH!! WORLD CUP CANCELLED!! Dateline:cyberspace. In a stunning announcement, officals declared the World Cup of Audio was cancelled due to lack of interest. "It became obvious that we couldn't compete with that soccer thing they've got going", said one one event organizer, who spoke on condition on anonymity, "Maybe we'll try again in 2010, if our lawyers can work things out with FIFA to license the use of the 'World Cup' name."
That's Too bad.I was waitting for the team from china .
I like the German system but here is France system

France 1:
Speakers= Jadis Eurithmye (sp)
Amplifier= Jadis JA-800
Pre-amp= Jadis JP-800
Source= Jadis JD1 and JS1
Cables, Cords, for cables (French cables?)
Analogue = La Luce Centroventi TT, Spj Tone arem and SPJ ebony cartridge(Belgium can be confused w/ France ;))
Here is my nomination of Canadian components:

Aurum Acoustics Integris CD Player for digital and an Oracle Delphi Mk.V turntable as sources
Bryston BP-26 pre-amplifier with phono stage
Simaudio W-3 and W-5 amplifiers horizontally biamping
Totem Mani-2 Signatures on Skylan Stands
cabled by entirely by Sonocable