with SME309: Dyna 10X4, Clearaudio Aurum or what?

Would you kindly indicate me the best combination for a SME 309 ??
Please consider that in case of MC I am not sure il will match well with my basic Phono stage (Rotel 970).
Honestly speaking I thought Benz is a good fit but unsure about the coupling with the Phono.
About budget, as a maximunm I could afford cart in the range of the Benz Glider.

Tks so much
To support you in the choice I list here the Rotel specs:
MC - 210uV/100 ohms
MM - 2,5mV/47kOhms
Phono overload MC/MM 16mV/160mV
Output sensivity/Impedance 150mV/100 Ohms
What's your TT?

Benz phonos have been set up for 22k so whereever your gain is enough in your phono the impedance isn't. If impedance on Rotel isn't ajdustable you can simply re-solder stock resistor for the appropriate value.

Please provide an info what cartridge you're currently using and than we'll think about proper cartridge upgrade.

As to Benz Glider you'll probably have to change a phono as well since Benz Glider can do much more than your current phono. So this "much more" will be missed and part of your upgrade funds will be wasted.
Tks for your reply. I actually have a Grado Gold Prestige which is install on a Linn Akito that I am actually replacing with a SME 309 that should be a good fit for Pink triangle.
Tks for further advises and in case of limitation of the actual phono that will make things impossible I could eventually upgrade it end of the year but the amount of money for the phono should not exceed 500 USD and I am not sure that will be a good idea as seems to me that Rotel has a good price performance.
Now I can speak another language:

There are many people that visited this webpage and didn't regret. There are used prices on brand-spanking-new analogue and other audio equipment on www.stoneaudio.co.uk. Even including the cost of shipping you still get it 25...30% cheaper than you would've bought it here. The only problem that malfunctioned unit you will have to send back to England since the warranties here are void on the equipment acquired overseas.

There 2 phonos that you can afford Trichord Dino or EAR 834P
Mate it with Benz Glider or Dynavector 20XL and no digital combo or box will ever beat that. To me EAR 834P makes more sence than Dino since you loos literally nothing but you'll have to stretch another $100(consider selling Rotel for $100 and adding $500 and you'll get EAR 834P)

Dyna 20Xl is a-bit cheaper than Glider fast, revealing and dynamic -- an ideal cartridge for heavy metal and rock-n-roll. Benz Glider is extreamly soft and musical with deep soundstage and imaging. A nice one for chamber, jazz and soffisticated electronic music.